Alcaide, Margie U.

A recipient of a Fulbright scholarship Program for International Leaders in Education Fellowship Program for a semester-long at Arizona State University fully funded by the government of United States. She is a self-ignited and well-organized professional with over twenty years of teaching experience in both local and international setting.

She has been equipped in designing customized modules for adult learners like “Train the Trainor” in Lifelong Learning at Qatar International Safety Center in Doha, Qatar for almost four years. She has the ability to be a team player and a resilient worker having mingled with diverse cultures and backgrounds. She has the genuine interest in developing great potentials among learners.

She has finished her Masteral Degree - Master of Education major in Language Education and Doctorate Degree – Doctor of Education major in Educational Management at Jose Rizal University.

Currently, she is the Chairperson in the Education Department  in the College Division of Jose Rizal University.

Learners’ ability to comprehend what they read should be of prime importance. Needless to say, students who understand what they read are more likely to succeed in school, achieve good qualifications, and possibly to enjoy a fulfilling job ahead. In contrast, those who fail to comprehend what they read will find themselves at constant disadvantages. The researcher was beset on having poor decoders in class and was prompted to find strategies to help them.

Mixed Method of research was utilized in this study. There were thirty-two (32) respondents from five sections among Seventh graders who participated. Data were gathered, analyzed, and interpreted thoroughly. The findings revealed that the reading comprehension level of respondents was categorized as Low Reading Comprehension Level. After the intervention program, there was a significant improvement in their Post Test using these different reading strategies from Low to High Reading Comprehension Level.

Based on the findings, there is a great need to strengthen these students’ comprehension skills through the use of varied and most appropriate reading comprehension strategies. A proposed reading enhancement program to improve students’ poor comprehension skills was constructed to prepare them in taking Standardized Tests.