Institute of Technology Based Learning (ITBL)

Established in 2006, the Institute of Technology Based Learning (ITBL) aims to seamlessly integrate various technologies to the teaching and learning experience in JRU. ITBL started with implementing the faculty created Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI) modules in the elementary and high school divisions with students accessing the contents in the computer laboratories. In the same year, college students utilized the MOODLE Learning Management Systems to access their general education and major courses as part of the Course Redesign Program of the university.

CANVAS Learning Management System

In 2017, the university adopted the use of CANVAS Learning Management system to further enhance the Technology Enabled Education (TEE) programs of various divisions including the new Senior High School courses. Through the use of Canvas, faculty and students were able to access course and module contents, communicate internally and collaborate through various online activities. Online blended courses in Canvas also paved the way for the implementation of online assessments in the computer laboratories.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

José Rizal University upholds its commitment to making quality education accessible to all through a number of scholarships that are available every year to qualified student applicants. Visit Guidance & Testing Office

La Pluma Scholarship*

This scholarship is given to incoming Junior High School, Senior High School and College students who graduated in the TOP TEN of their entire batch. The batch should consist of at least 100 graduating students in the Elementary and Junior High School; and at least 80 graduating students in the Senior High School in any CHED recognized and accredited schools.

The following are the La Pluma Scholarship Benefits:

- 100% discount on Tuition Fees

- 100% discount on all Miscellaneous Fees

- 100% reimbursement of the cost of books

- Inclusion in “Academic Scholars’ Mentoring Program”

- Monthly Stipend (for incoming “Valedictorians” only). **

Renewal of this type of scholarship is based on the following requirements:

- La Pluma Scholars for Junior High School and Senior High School who wish to continue their scholarship should maintain a Grade Point Average of 95%

- La Pluma Scholars for College who wish to continue their scholarship should maintain a Grade Point Average of 1.25

Academic Scholarship*

All incoming freshmen in the JRU Junior High School, Senior High School and College Divisions from any school may also apply for the JRU Academic Scholarships by taking the JRU Scholarship Qualifying Examination. Interested students must apply immediately after graduating from elementary school, Junior high school or Senior High School to be eligible. The following are the JRU Academic Scholarship benefits:

Academic Scholarship A

- 100% discount on Tuition Fees

- 20% discount on all Miscellaneous Fees

Academic Scholarship B

- 100% discount on Tuition Fees

JRU Alumni Association Scholarship*

José Rizal University Alumni Association (JRUAA) maintains and funds a number of scholarships every year for students who wish to pursue and obtain a bachelor’s degree at José Rizal University. Qualified JRUAA scholars receive 100% discount on tuition and fees. For special cases, scholars may also be given a monthly stipend and book allowance. La Pluma Scholarship* Academic Scholarship JRU Alumni Association Scholarship

*For further inquiries, applicants may call the Guidance and Testing Office at 8531.80.31 to 35 loc. 32

Academic Opportunities


HR Intenational

OJT of HTM, BAA and CSE students in the US from 2 months to 1 year with regular salary.

Manila International Integrated Learning Center

Global vantage OJT of HM and TM students in Thailand for 6 months to 1 year with regular salary.


Topserve Manpower Solutions

OJT at of TM students at Cebu Pacific, and HM and TM students at H2O Hotel, Acacia Hotel, Tong Yang & First Food.

Golden Arches Devt Corp.

OJT of HM students under the Management Training Module of McDonald’s with regular pay (salary).

Global Max Services

OJT of HM students at all branches of Max’s

United Philippine Lines – Source Asia Business

Cruise Management 1 & 2 (EDGE PROGRAM) for our cruise management students with SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) and on-board training at 2GO.

Magnum Air (Skyjet Airline)

Basic Airline Cabin Crew Training (EDGE Program) for 1 semester with on-the-job training at Skyjet Airlines, EC Minds Tour, and PTAA and with an educational tour in Batanes.

Group Tours Specialists (GTS)

OJT of HM and TM students in Boracay, Palawan and international cruise program experience.

Bistro Academy Corp.

OJT of HM students at TGIF, Itallanis, Fish & Co., Krazy Garlic, Tonkatsu, Bulgogi Brothers, Watami, Village Tavern, Modern Shanghai, Siklab, BWW.

Garden Plaza Hotel & Suites

OJT of HM and TM students.