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October 4, 2018
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October 6, 2018

World Teachers’ Day: Faculty of the year


To our University President, Dr. Vicente K. Fabella, to other officers of the administration – vice presidents, deans, principals and directors, co-faculty members, our families, our friends, and our students, Good afternoon!

It is my honour and privilege to give a response on behalf of my co-awardees from the Elementary School Division, Mr. JP Sison, and Ms. Vanessa Espartero from the High School Division. We are indeed elated to have been awarded the Faculty of the Year in our respective division. I believe that our influence to inspire and instruct have become the pillars of our profession, mission, and vocation.

It is believed that the teachers are the prime movers and shakers of the world. We are responsible for the teaching and learning twice over. Significant events for personal and professional growth will come and go throughout our lifetime.

This 2018 celebration of World Teachers’ Day with the theme “Gurong Pilipino: Turo Mo, Kinabukasan Ko” is truly a humbling experience for all of us because at this very moment, this auditorium is filled up by all the people who celebrate with our success as teachers and who share with us the same vision of making Jose Rizal University a school of excellence. Every year, the same hall is a silent witness to the greatness and journey of each teacher imbued with true blue and gold spirit. Allow us to give special thanks to our students – the RIZALIANS, for without them, we will not be able to prove that teachers are capable to withstand challenges and demands posed by this tough job. We also convey our sincere thanks to their parents for allowing us to work on their two most important subjects – our students’ minds where we build the future and our students’ hearts where we build Rizalian core values. We take a hand; a teacher opens a mind and touches the heart. In the performance of our duties, we are able to make them think, reason, imagine, and dream.

As we enter regularly our respective classrooms, we find joy. Truly, there is joy in teaching. We feel excitement too! And we feel the challenges more that each new day brings. Our classrooms are the ideal laboratories where imperfect individuals merge and learn. Teachers cannot guarantee you perfection but we can guarantee you success. At times, we experience frustrations especially when our students fail to meet some of our expectations. It takes an extreme amount of faith and courage to realize that our vocation is filled with challenges making our life interesting and purposeful. That overcoming challenges makes life more meaningful and dealing with those challenges determines happiness and success. We want our students to be the best that they can be. It is such a big task yet we teachers regard this as our daily duty to them. It takes a teacher to turn this world around! In life, we have learned that it is best to live simply, love generously, speak truthfully, breathe deeply to do our best and most of all leave everything else to the powers above us.

We thank our dear institution, which will be celebrating its centennial come 2019. Thank you for the privilege of experiencing the joy and fulfillment of doing things that only the teachers can. To our dear president, Dr. Vincent, your leadership serves us inspiration to make things better. You are really a man of your time. Your gesture of relentless recognition of your faculty and employees is indeed awesome. To the academic community headed by Dr. Miguel Carpio, thank you for making us feel how important our role is to nation building. Here in JRU, goodwill, friendships and relationships are the best things that all can be proud of.

To the organizers of this program, the Administrative Affairs and AHR Office led by Ms. Norma Montalvo and Dr. Bheng Materum, together with the division heads and union representatives with Mr. Jeff Fajilan leading the band, thank you so much for making our day memorable. This will forever remind us to be always of service to our students, to the institution, to the community, and to the country. JRU will always be our home. It is where we built our dreams too. The concept of WE has transcended in all of us. It is where we found great people that inspire us to be what we are now. To my colleagues in the Mathematics Department with our ever supportive chair, Ms. Claricia, to my gentle and compassionate dean, Dr. Caranto, and to all the college deans I had worked with, to genuine friends from all divisions especially Jhing Ogalinda my beloved family especially my brothers, I share this award with you for always being there when I needed strength and refuge, and most importantly, to my former, present, and future students – your presence will always be incredible blessings! Your innocence will be our blue print of our journey. Your dream will expand the parameter of our commitment.  Your inquisitiveness will be our compass where will we all be. At JRU, we need to work together, to collaborate and cooperate. Success is not a one-man toil, it is teamwork. If we are looking to make positive changes and breakthroughs in our lives, we will need to embrace these moments of ours as teachers. This is what our purpose is all about. Being a teacher is a lifetime reward.

Good day! Mabuhay! And Happy World Teachers’ Day to all!



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Prof. Eleuterio S. Timoteo

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