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January 6, 2022
Alumni Feature: Randolph Ordinario, BSCS ’06
January 26, 2022

We are 100% Online

JRU’s top priority is the health and safety of its employees and students.

Starting January 10 until 15, 2022, the following transactions will be done 100% ONLINE (Click the link for your guide):

a. SY 2021-2022 2nd Semester Enrollment

b. Payment of School Fees

c. Request of School Documents


a. Regular students enrollment can be done 100% online. Please check your JRU SWIT and AIMS Account.

b.  Irregular students- if they have questions on what subjects to take – this can be done through Online Advising.

c. Transferees and new students - inquiries via

d. Payments can be done 100% Online

e.  Assessments can be done online with consultation. Final adjustments will be finalized (Scholarship, cash discounts, brother/sister discounts) - defer adjustments until we can have face to face with them. They can pay the minimum and get refunded when assessed.

f.  Minimum they have to pay is PHP 2800-as long as they are considered enrolled and  have no back balance.


To contact us directly, you may call the following mobile numbers:

Senior High School:

09054434849, 09692796104, 09693781778, 09176379730, 09163149595, 09977387568, 09569139177

Business and Accountancy (BSA, BSBA all majors):

09453062046, 09692366236, 09151880012

Computer Studies and Engineering (BSIT, BSEMC, BSECE, BSCPE):

09666976184, 09564313652, 09919438779, 09664190596

Nursing and Liberal Arts (BSN, AB-PSY, AB-ECO, AB-ENG, AB-HIS, AB-MAT):

09176055958, 09564208300, 09606022110

Hospitality and Tourism Management (BSHM, BSHM-CMGT, BSTM):

09761019841, 09459936804, 09154476876, 09153877433

Law School:


Enrolment Adjustments (Add, Drop, Overload, etc...):

09692366236, 9664190596, 09151880012, 09459936804, 09606022110, 09176379730


Thank you and please stay safe. If you have further questions, please send us  a message via

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