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October 31, 2019
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November 4, 2019

Student Policy on Fraternity and Sorority

Jose Rizal University is committed to developing its students in embracing family values creating a family atmosphere where everyone in the university has a sense of belonging in its environment of fun, harmony, and positive engagement.

With the family atmosphere at Jose Rizal University, the University does not recognize fraternities and sororities. Any fraternity, sorority, or similar organizations are not in any way affiliated or supervised by Jose Rizal University.

Students of JRU have a clear self-appraisal, self-understanding, commitment to ethics, and spiritual awareness to develop themselves individually in their quest for meaningful relationships, interdependence, collaboration, and effective leadership skills.

As JRU students continue to gain an understanding and appreciation of pluralism, social and civic responsibility along with a global perspective, the sense of community can be experienced in JRU without the recognition of any fraternity, sorority, or any related organizations.

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