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August 2, 2016
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Student Organizations’ Strategic Planning 2016

August 12-14, 2016 (Friday to Sunday)— The annual three-day Strategic Planning of Central Student Council (CSC) was held at Royal Palm Resort, Brgy. Puy-puy, Bay, Laguna. Student leaders specifically the executive committees of each recognized student organizations were invited to join. The group was divided into four teams, with each time having two team leaders from the Board of Directors and Ethics Committee of Central Student Council. Each team was name after the Rizalian core values, namely, Responsible, Courteous, Considerate and Integrity. A flag and a small gem was given to them to be protected.

(Day 1) In starting of the event, the facilitators from the executive committee of Central Student Council and Student Development Office, they had given the task of finding the individual flags of each team with a twist, brought with them all the unlabeled things while finding their flags. Clues were given and placed from the different part of the campus. The twist given from the task was a way to know how mindful are the student leaders in understanding the instructions given to them. Upon arriving at the venue at Laguna, Mr. Gino Camacho, the second facilitator had given the leaders an activity in doing the house rules which was to be followed for the next two days. Each team conducted their brainstorming and cross upon several house rules which were actively agreed upon by the leaders themselves. After a one hour break for the leaders to prepare their things, Mr. Camacho gave another activity called walking in the garden wherein all participants were task to walk around the hall and find a partner or more depending on the number given by the facilitator and speak about themselves and present a two truths and one lie about them. The final process of the activity was everyone was told to talk in the middle of the circle and present one member of the group whom they had remembered. The objective of the activity was to let each student leader know their other co-leaders which will be their companions and team for the whole school year. Other activities were present as well, like the tallest and the longest tower challenge using the materials needed which were the uncooked pasta, marshmallows and ribbons. Planning and communication are the basic point in creating a good team. The next one was the human knot, where each group should be able to remove themselves from the knots that were made. Each teams had prepared a cheer and presentation for the cultural night. Two teams had a cultural dance, while the other two had an oral presentation and a play.

(Day 2) After a long activity from the previous day, the participants were given a time to rest and relax for a bit.

(Day 3) The last day of the Strategic Planning awarding ceremonies. Every participant was given a certificate for their participation and appreciation for the facilitators as well. Each team leader from the teams were also awarded as Outstanding leaders, Ms. Myra Rizel Pecha from the Team Integrity had the award for the best team leader.From the collected money of each team which was equivalent into their points, the facilitators announced the winning teams. For the third place, Team Responsible and Team Courteous had a tie, for the second place, Team Considerate and Team Integrity was the winning one. All of the teams are winners, because everyone did their own job and showed their skills in what they can do as a leader themselves, as a follower and for their organizations.

The annual Strategic Planning of Central Student Council and the Student Development Office was a success. Camaraderie and teamwork was built within the leaders but most importantly was the family that has been made throughout the three-day activity.







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