President’s Address to the JRU Community
June 18, 2020
Alumni Feature of the Week: HARRY T. MOREÑO, BSHRM-CMGT ’16
June 25, 2020

Student Feature of the Week: Ivan Christopher Lariosa

I chose Jose Rizal University because this university is one of my dream school and finally when I was in my 11th grade I entered JRU and become a proud Rizalian. This institution performs very well and as far as I can remember JRU was in top 4 in the overall best performing universities in our country. I decided to stay at JRU and continue my 4 remaining years in college as a Management student. My JRU experience was great. Having a lot of new friends is a big blessing for me because I know that they are lifetime and making a lot of good memories with them inside the University is a treasure for me and will never be forgotten. Yes, I experienced happiness, sadness, a lot of stress and many challenges that tests my personality and because of my fighting spirit I managed them all smoothly.

Joining in Management Society was incredible and unexplainable because the organization taught me a lot of things that cannot be teach inside a room. They've helped me build my self-confidence, my leadership skill and more. Management Society is a way to improve and help me believe in myself and honestly because of the people and advisers that this organization have my confidence boosts a lot and I thank them because they push me and encourage me that I can overcome my weaknesses and make this as my strength. Being a frontliner is the best decision I made. I want to help my family and the people that surrounds me as well as the society where I lived. Covid-19 is not a hindrance for me to help other people and protect my society. Because in this crisis we don't need to feel weak and nervous due to the virus but instead we need to support each other and fight for the virus to surpass the pandemic.

As one of the frontliner, I chose to be a fire volunteer and our task is to disinfect roads, streets, and the areas where trade is made like wet markets and banks. We are doing this to prevent spreading the virus and wanted to have a safe and clean road for the people who lives within our barangay. As a Fire volunteer we are responding to a fire alarm in the middle of this pandemic, we knew it was harmful and dangerous, but it is our duty to help our fellow citizens in need.I am motivated as a frontliner because there is my family and for those people who needs help, I am very grateful to help. To my family who allows me to help to be a frontliner even though it's not safe, thank you as you pray for our guidance as we do our job.

Being a frontliner was a big lesson for me. It's not about the money you received the compliments but instead being a frontliner is a blessing to everyone and a big help this pandemic. With my duties and responsibilities as a frontliner I learned that even a small help to other is a big smile and thank you in exchange for us. I also learned that helping others is a great way to have a grateful friend and a supporter fellow citizen. Helping is not a forced action but for me helping as I can is a relief to other people in this pandemic.

Implementing online classes is a good idea to avoid going out and going to school for students, school facilitators, professors, and University President. It is safer than face to face classes, but the problem is not all the students has access to internet in their home and laptop or desktop to use in this pandemic. But for me, as a Rizalian I might as well be prepared if this setting or operation be approved, with this situation we do not have any choice but to comply and follow. I am very confident that JRU can Cope up these changes because our university is currently using technology and implementing blended learning class. Jose Rizal University is using technology that helps me and my co-students to access modules, take up quizzes and exams so they can learn, grow, and understand while in their respective homes

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