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April 21, 2020
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April 24, 2020

“Soon, I’ll be back at the battlefield and I will be able to see and hug my parents and my dog Travis.”-Charie Corsanes, Rizalian Frontliner 

Hello fellow Rizalians! It’s my pleasure to introduce myself. I am Charie Corsanes, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Batch 2019 graduate. I am currently serving as Staff Nurse for almost 4 months at Pasig City Children’s Hospital — also known as now as the local COVID-19 center.

 Since the Community Quarantine started, there has been a hindrance to going home because I am scared for my parents to get ill because of COVID-19.  A lot of news is circulating on the internet about this said virus, a lot of people were infected and mortality rates around the world are increasing each day. It is really scary but if I get scared, I’ll miss the opportunity to take good care of the ill ones.

Before getting into the battle You should prepare yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I’ve been drinking a lot of water, eating fruits and vegetables, and taking vitamins double dosages. 

Prior to entering the ward, I should make sure I’ve eaten and had enough water intake.  I should have peed and pooped.  Because once you wear the PPE you will not be able to remove that throughout the shift.  How about the break time?  It depends on our strategy.  Sometimes each one has a 1-hour break. Sometimes the first three staff will enter the ward and work there for 6 hours and the remaining will be the runner who gets the needed supplies from the outside of the unit. But now we’re only allowed to use one set of PPE per duty and reuse it again. We always make sure to disinfect it, pour it into the water with chlorine, wipe it with cavi wipes, and put it in the UV oven for 30 minutes.

What is inside the Covid unit?

Most of our patients are geriatric. They don’t have their relatives inside.  So we are the ones who feed, change their bedsheets, remove their diapers, and take baths. Wearing PPE is really hard to move and perform a task. It is exhausting. Every time I’m inside the ward it feels like I’m in the war, fighting for the battle against the virus.  But one of my patients said “Salamat sa pag aalaga ha at pasensya na di ko kasi talaga kaya”, I smiled.  Sometimes a simple thank you and appreciation from my patients really boost my energy. 

After 3 weeks of working, sadly I am now under quarantine because I’ve been having episodes of difficulty of breathing and chest pain.  It was also found out on my x-ray result that I have Pneumonia on both lower lobes.  As of now, I’m here at one of the quarantine facilities here in Pasig and I’ve been praying for the negative result. I know miracles happen.  I’m trusting Him.  Only God can give us lasting peace.  In Him, we are secured.

To everyone, please take good care of yourselves as you take good care of others.  Boost your immune system and always stay hydrated, eat healthy foods, and please, please STAY AT HOME.

Soon, I’ll be back at the battlefield and I will be able to see and hug my parents and my dog Travis.  Just pray always. We will heal as one. 

Animo Rizal!




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