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April 6, 2020
“Soon, I’ll be back at the battlefield and I will be able to see and hug my parents and my dog Travis.”-Charie Corsanes, Rizalian Frontliner 
April 23, 2020

Seven Reasons Why You Should Enroll this Special Transition Term

1.    Earn the same credits but accelerated and you will learn more in less time. You can earn up to 15 units (College) or 4 units (JHS, SHS) during the Special Transition Term in less than three months. The University made it more convenient for students and faculty alike since classes are to be conducted online.

2.    You will enjoy the full implementation of the Blended Learning Classes. With the university’s vision of taking advantage of technology and innovation in how we cater to education, we can conduct online classes via Canvas. You can learn while you are in the comfort of your home. Blended Learning is no stranger for Rizalians since we have been conducting it for a long time now.

3.    Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees are reduced by 20%. Since classes shall be conducted online, the University has implemented a more reasonable schedule of fees during the Special Transition Term. Through this discount, you are getting the most out of the classes while saving for the next semesters.

4.    For Irregular Students: Get back on your regular status by August 2020. If you have ‘back subjects’, you can take them during the Special Transition Term so that you can be back on track on your curriculum by August 2020. Transfer students are also highly encouraged to take this term so that you may obtain regular status.

5.    For Graduating Students: Complete the program by July 2020. We may have already finalized the Graduation List but for those who were not able to make it to the list, you have another chance to complete your lacking subjects. Students who will be able to complete all academic requirements during the Special Transition Term will be included in the Graduation Ceremonies. (Graduation Dates are yet to be finalized.)

6.    Have more time for Major Subjects and Internships on Regular Term. By taking the Special Transition Term, students can have fewer subjects during the regular semester. Therefore, you can focus more on your major subjects and can have your internship/immersion with lesser worries about your other academic requirements.

7.    Get ahead and enjoy more options when classes resume in August 2020. In connection to item #6, you can also have more time doing other worthwhile activities —maybe a part-time job or just more time with your family. The Special Transition Term serves a chance for all the students to have a more convenient academic experience during the regular semester. That is what 15 units can do for you!

Classes start on April 27, 2020

To enroll, please register via AIMS and pay through our Online Bank Partners. For inquiries, please send us a message via Facebook Page Messenger.

Available subject offerings are also viewable via AIMS.

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