Senior High School

Senior High School at JRU ensures that your child has the best opportunity for successby experiencing the UNIVERSITY LIFESTYLE – a rich atmosphere that encourages scholastic engagement coupled with a plethora of resources available to each student at the onset. In addition, students are subjected to rigorous training both inside and outside the classroom to better prepare them for college or employment. GUARANTEED VOUCHER: DePED – PUBLIC SCHOOL | ESC – PRIVATE SCHOOL

Senior High School Tracks


Prepares students for college and their preferred undergraduate program. Students may choose one of the following strands under this track:

- Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM)

- Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

- Humanities & Social Sciences Strand / General Academic Strand (HUMSS / GAS)


Aims to develop technical skills of students aspiring to land a job immediately then opt to pursue an undergraduate degree later. Students may earn a National Certification (NC) from TESDA accredited assessment centers to fast track their entry into the job market. Students may choose one of the following strands under this track:

- Computer System Servicing

- Animation

- Tour Guiding

- Food & Beverages


Bigger is Better

Invest in José Rizal University and give your child access to high-tech, industry-grade facilities and multi-media classrooms that are housed in a secure campus. With a library that boasts of thousands of source materials and open spaces that have wi-fi connectivity, the University is able to fast-track the development of skills and desirable values among students as they are given the chance to be independent and “in-charge” of how they acquire knowledge to help them adapt to their new learning environment.

Well-rounded with an EdGE

The JRU Senior High School program offers tracks that are highly specialized to build competencies that will meet the demands of COLLEGE and EMPLOYMENT.

Industry practitioners and professionals equipped with the technical know-how and expertise teach and train students to become proficient with the skills required to succeed at the next level.

For any inquiries about our Senior High School Academic programs, you may contact them through 8531-8031 loc. 57 or via email

We advise that you register early to ensure that you are able to enroll in your desired program/track.

Admission Requirements

The following must be presented for registration purposes:

Only graduates of the general academic secodary curriculum will be considered for admission to the Senior High Division. Graduates of vocational, agricultural and similar high schools must remedy deficiencies from the general academic secondary curriculum before they can be considered for admission.

*The University reserves the right to decline any application for admission to the Senior High Division, which does not conform to its policies, rules and regulations.

  • Duly accomplished on-line application form
  • DepEd Form 138 (Report card)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character (not applicable for new students who graduated from JRU)
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate and original copy for verification
  • JRU Entrance exam for transferees, for Junior High School only
  • ID Photo, preferably 2 x 2 inches in size


The University upholds its commitment to making quality education accessible to all through a number of scholarships that are available every year to qualified student applicants.

*For further inquiries, applicants may call the Guidance and Testing Office at 8531-8031 local 32.


This scholarship is given to incoming Grade 11 students who graduated in the TOP TEN of their entire batch.


All incoming Grade 11 from any school may also apply for the JRU Academic Scholarships by taking the JRU Qualifying Examination. Interested students must apply immediately after graduating from general academic secondary curruculum to be eligable.


Athletic and band scholarships are granted to deserving student-athletes for the purpose of representing the University in inter-scholastic sports competitions.