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October 14, 2016
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November 13, 2016

Rizalian Young Leaders Congress


October 14-15, 2016 (Saturdays) —The Central Student Council together with the Marketing and Communications Office had conducted its first Rizalian Young Leaders Congress with a theme “The Emergence of Rizalian Towards Excellence.” It was participated by Grade 10 students of the top 15 academic achievers in public schools in Mandaluyong City and the top section of the Jose Rizal University.

(Day 1) The opening ceremony was started with a solidarity dance lead by the student leaders of the Central Student Council and the Recognized Student Organizations. The guest keynote speaker was Honorable Charisse Abalos-Vargas, one of the councilors of the first district for the city of Mandaluyong. It was for her a great privilege to speak in front of the students not just in Jose Rizal University but as well as students from the other schools in Mandaluyong. Her great enthusiasm in being a leader highlighted her speech for the participants. It was followed by the inspirational message of the Vice President for the Academic Affairs of Jose Rizal Univeristy, Dr. Miguel Carpio. He talked about the importance of the present student leaders which would be the future builders of this nation. He also gave importance in the education which also imparts the leadership training that molds the students in becoming better citizens of this nation. Another speaker, a Spanish CEO, Mr. Antonio Tobellano. His insights on being a leader to leads everyone to success, highlights the value of the leadership characteristics of a person towards his followers. He also points out that the Filipinos are luck because through communication, people will be able to interact to other nationalist. The Filipino youth for him is a massive advantage in making the community a world renown country. The last speaker was the Dean of the college of Arts, Criminology and Education, Dr. Henry G. Magat. He gave importance to the 21st century student leaders that are the demands of the ASEAN integration. He interacts to the students through a meaningful thought that highlights the leadership the youth needs to imply. The millennial are the future developers as hat the previous speakers have also said. It is through this youth that the current people need to enhance and train them in becoming competitive leaders of tomorrow. The first day of the seminar ended with the orientation of the advertorial contest and the singing of the Himno Rizal.

(Day2) Upon the registration of the participants from the first day, they were already sorted from the four teams. The teams were named after the Rizalian Core Values, Responsible, Courteous, Considerate and Integrity. Each team was task to prepare a cheer and be competitive with a friendly competition to the other teams. The students were oriented first with the La Pluma Scholarship from the Guidance and Testing Office. The La Pluma Scholarship is given to a student who has been one of the Top 10 academic achievers of their previous schools. Afterwards, the students were given time to finalize their advertorial add for Jose Rizal University. The Andres Bonifacio Integrated School was chosen advertorial winner. The last activity was the amazing race. Each team were given a station to be done with and test their agility in finish the task in an ample time. The overall winner was from the Team Responsible.

It was a success indeed. The seminar entailed to the high school academic achievers gave them a chance to experience a new understanding and imparting the lessons they had learn in their life. The first leadership training and seminar for the high school academic achievers was a success. The goals of orienting the Rizalian Core Values not just to the JRU students but as well as share to other students was highlighted and also gave importance in manifesting leadership and create camaraderie to their fellow students. As what the comments and suggestions done by the students, they wish to have another of this meaningful event.

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