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August 28, 2016
JRU Students Awarded in PACSA Luzon Competitions
September 7, 2016

Rizalian Leader’s Congress 2016

September 3, 2016 (Saturday)—The Central Student Council (CSC) together with the Student Development Office (SDO) conducted the annual Leadership Training and Seminar for the Recognized Student Organizations (RSO). This event aims to inculcate the sense of leadership among the students, to transform leaders from passive to active, to hone them in an inclusive environment and to promote camaradarie.

The event started with its traditional manner. Mrs  Cuyugan, the Director of Student Development Office delivered the Opening Remarks. She reiterated about developing of JRU’s brand and that brand is its students since they are pride of the institution. Furthermore, she reminded everyone that being a leader is not a position of power but a position of service and the institution is always there to help them as long as they do all things with integrity and is embedded in the core values of the school. Shen ended her statement with these words “Success of the university lies on the success of its students.”

Mr. Jovanne Irenio led the presentation of the highlights of last Strategic Planning. He also introduced the first speaker- Dr. Antonio E. Entrata. Dr. Entrata talked about the Relation of Social Media to Public Relation. He underscores some points on having a good public relation in social media. Some of these are practicing positivity to inspire and no to cause war and don’t be a know-it-all person because no one is a monopoly of knowledge. He stresses that public relation is a strategic communication that embodies trust, truth and transparency. He also emphasizes that leaders should not engage themselves to something that is not true because it will look true. He ended his talk with a pledge to commitment.

The second speaker is the Director of Marketing and Communications Office of Jose Rizal University-Ms. Ivory Joy Malinao. Her talk is about the Personality Development. She started her talk with a reminder “Remove your baggage’s to perfom better”. She discussed some points on how the leaders should develop themselves. Some of these points are knowing yourself, positive outlook and be courteous. She ends her talk reminding everyone that be confident.

The next speaker is the former dean of Student Development Office- Mr. Dada. His talk discussed important things about good governance. He stresses the value of Golden Rule and the Four Pillars of Good Governance namely: Accountability, Transparency, Fairness and Independence. He ended his talk with a quotation ” If you want to be the first, you have to be the last.”

The last speaker for the morning session is the former president of Teatro Rizal and Central Student Council- Mr. Ephraim Jay Villafania. His talk entitled “Leadership from inside-out. He reiterated that the leaders should make themselves available in need. He ended his talk with a saying ” Sacrifice is a must”.

The next speaker for the afternoon session is also a former president of Young Educators Society and Central Student Council and the top 3 in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) year 2015- Ms. Airah Murielle Antonio. Her talk discussed about The Modern Student Leader and his Environment. She also presented some tips on coping up. She aggregated her talk with a words ” There is always time for everything”.

The last speaker is also a former president of Young Marketers Association and Central Student Council- Mr. Enrico C. Rayos. His talk is about the Aspects of Leadership and Events Management. He reiterated the importance of time. It is as precious as gold. He also stated that time will not adjust but we should be the one who will adjust. He ended his talk reminding everyone about the importance of time.

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