Education towards Guaranteed Employment

José Rizal University recognizes the growing demand for highly specialized skill-sets among graduates. To meet this demand, the University forged a partnership with corporations from various sectors of industry.

By developing programs together and combining competencies, JRU students will gain pertinent experience and will be equipped with the technical knowledge through rigorous hands-on training. This not only allows them to compete but be a step ahead of other graduates as well.

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Bachelor of Commercial Science Major in Supply Management

The BCS Major in Supply Management degree will have the intensive training of the career professional. Leveraging 2GO’s experience of more than a hundred years in the industry, this program will include courses that will provide a comprehensive understanding of the flow of materials from the original source all the way to the customer, and everything in between.

The course includes subjects that will provide a cross-section of the Supply Management industry in theory and practice. Students will learn the challenges of sourcing materials, purchasing, and negotiation; get familiarized with the intricacies of logistics, warehousing, supply controls and keeping inventories; and learn to manage processes up to the point of actual transport to the clients, planning deliveries and coordinating and anticipating demands. All these will culminate in an on-the-job training program to put this knowledge into practice before graduation.

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management
Major in Cruise Management

Cruise ships, cargo liners and other seafaring vessels have often looked to the Philippines for skilled crew and personnel. In partnership with the premiere manpower and training agencies for the industry, SourceAsia Business (SAB) and United Philippine Lines (UPL), this course offers a program that builds half-a-century-worth of experience in training cruise managers.

This program combines HRM concepts and the partners’ on-board application requirements. Subjects focus on areas such as front desk, concierge, food and beverage, kitchen, housekeeping, security, and ship administration, as well as provide an understanding of overall cruise operations. With the combined experience of these two industry leaders, SAB and UPL, the talented Asian workforce is now dominating the luxury lines cruising the Caribbean, Panama Canal, New England/Canada, Baltic, Mediterranean, Asia/South Paci€c and South America. Graduates of this course can truly look forward to a rewarding career in on-board ship operations for luxury liners and cruise yachts.

Advanced English Proficiency Training (ADEPT)

The ADEPT Program is a 6-unit elective course on Call Center Fundamentals. Using the industry standards practiced by ePLDT Ventus, ADEPT students will be given intensive English language training, and training in oral communication, American culture, and customer service management. After completing the program, students will be given a certificate which they can use to break into the rapidly progressing call center industry, reap the bene€ts of the job and take advantage of one of the higher-paid professions available. With call centers becoming more and more discerning about the skills of their new personnel, this certification and training will provide the skills and credentials for quick mobility in the corporate structure.