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February 20, 2017
February 21, 2017

Parent’s Seminar: Children and Technology – What Lies Ahead?

January 20, 2017, 9:00AM- The Marketing and Communications Office and the Rizalian Ambassadors facilitated a seminar for the parents of incoming Junior High School students entitled, “Children and Technology: What Lies Ahead?” This seminar aims to enlighten the audience about the positive and negative effects of technology to the academic behavior and habit of the youth today. The program started with a welcome speech by the President of the Rizalian Ambassadors, Mr. Jilbi Clark Alverne and a video specifically tackling about the technology applied and when-not-applied in education. The speaker, Ms. Michelle D.A. Sarmiento talked about the advantages and disadvantages of technology and what parents can do about the issues. After the talk, some of the attendees were invited to tell their own stories relating to the topic and how they overcame such situations. At the end of the program, a closing speech was given by the Marketing and Communications Office Coordinator, Ms. Shara Mae F. Tayoto. As the conclusion, everyone learned that the bad habit of spending too much time using gadgets can highly affect children’s performance either academically or socially, and parents have a very relevant contribution to it. As the quote says, “Time is like money. If you spend it all in one place, you won’t have enough left when you need it.”

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