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March 8, 2016
Zumba in JRU
March 29, 2016

Now What: Great Things Happen Here (Coachella Experience)

March 19, 2016; Saturday –The Marketing and Communications Office, in cooperation with the Rizalian Ambassadors and the Central Student Council held the first university tradition in welcoming the Senior High School students entitled, NOW WHAT at the university quadrangle.

Registration started at 1:30 in the afternoon and started at 3:00. It was attended by 287 Senior High students from different high schools in the Greater Manila Area. The two-part event started with the rizalian tradition: Paso de Rizaliano (Rizalian Step) wherein the Senior High students run by the statues of Don Vicente Fabella, Don Armand Fabella and Doña Carmela Fabella led by Dave Albarico, Track and Field varsity player as the JRU band performs. Through which, the students were able to traverse the entire main campus. After triangulating the statues, they were given free sweet treats by Party Carts.

At 4:00, Paso de Rizaliano is followed by three (3) live band performances courtesy of JRU student bands, unspoken words poetry by Nikko Subida, and a comedy act by Teatro Rizal. After which, the students danced with the electronic dance music (EDM) of DJ Billy Cristobal until 6:20 in the evening. The event was successfully held and all the attendees had JRU’s good time.

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