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January 28, 2017
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February 21, 2017

Mr. & Ms. JRU 2017 Coronation Night

February 18, 2017 (Saturday) –The Central Student Council had the annual Mister and Miss José Rizal University 2017. Twenty-four candidates from the 5 represented colleges, compete to take home the title and the crown. The preliminaries night was held last January 31, 2017, wherein the candidates had proven themselves through their special talents, presentation and intelligence, to be the next title holders.

The pageantry was the highlighted activity of the college division for the celebration of the 98th Founding Anniversary of Jose Rizal University. This event aims to exhibit the incomparable beauty and intelligence of the Rizalians; to promote self-confidence; and to develop Rizalians to become an epitome that will serves as the prime mover of the core values of the institution. The candidates showed what they have got by putting their best. Their costumes and materials are really mesmerized not only the judges but also the people present in the said the event. The event was hosted by the Vice President for Internal Affairs of the Central Student Council, Ms. Theresa Leona Divino and one of the Professors from the Language Department of Jose Rizal University, Mr. Ariam Cinco. An enormous opening production was given by the 24 candidates together with the selected students from the Jose Rizal University Dance Troupe. The first set of awards was presented. Futuristic is the main concept of the pageant, and the candidates gave their all-out performance in presenting their own futuristic costume. In support of the candidates, selected students per college division presented a performance that truly presented the creativity of Rizalians. A plot twist just happened, wherein instead of having a Top 5 finalist, it became Top 6 due to a very close fight within the candidates itself. The reigning Mister and Miss Jose Rizal University 2016, Alanis Reign Binoya and Kyle Aguirre also delivered their final walk. They boost their intelligence in answering the analytical and comprehensive questions that describes an ideal Rizalian. The decision of the judges was then final. Shannen Kristia Gauma from the College of Busines Administration and Accountancy and Anrick Pacifico from the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management reigned as the Mister and Miss Jose Rizal University, Second Runner-Up. Followed by Lishairra Portugal from the College of Computer Studies and Engineering and Curl Derick Peralta from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences and Non-Academic Organization, placed as the Mister and Miss Jose Rizal University 2017, First Runner-Up. Princess Pusing from the College of Arts, Criminology, and Education and John Bonham Villegas from the College of Business Administration and Accountancy were hailed as the new Mr. and Miss JRU. Furthermore, each college presented their own production number introduced by the Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences, Dr. Tangkeko

Central Student Council, Student Development Office and all other cooperating offices are highly appreciated by the Rizalian community for their commending efforts in implementing this kind of event.

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