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February 2, 2016
97th Founding Anniversary Kick-Off
February 2, 2016

Mr. & Ms. JRU 2016 (Coronation Night)

February 1, 2016 (Monday) –It marks the coronation night for the next Mister and Miss Jose Rizal University 2016. The Central Student Council (CSC) held the event at the JRU Quadrangle.

The opening production number was led by the students from the Andres Bonifacio Integrated School, following this year’s candidates with their mardi gras attire. Each of them fashioned their outfits as they introduce themselves once again to the audiences. It was immediately followed by the awarding of the first set of special awards. The candidates were given a short time to prepare for their summer wear attire.  Mr. Enrico Rayos, the President of the Central Student Council introduces the set of judges for that night. The master of the ceremony, Mr. Edrian Gio Celmente, did the acknowledgment of the guests and sponsors. An intermission was presented by the Jose Rizal University Dance Troupe before the summer wear presentation. The candidates had amazed their supporters with their summer wear outfits. Another acknowledgment for the sponsors was presented. Before the next presentation of the candidates, their advocacy videos were shown to the audience and for the final verdict of the winners of the best advocacy videos. The candidates presented their evening wear. Each of them once again portrayed their beautiful walks as they present their long gowns.

The announcement of the top 6 finalist for female and male was made. For the female, it was candidate no. 1, Ms. Psyche Alejo, candidate no. 4, Ms. Melrose Adobas, candidate no. 5, Ms. Jay Mary Cruz, candidate no. 6, Ms. Maryam Celebre, candidate no.11, Ms. Janelle Dominique De Leon and candidate no. 12, Ms. Alanis Reign Binoya. For the males, candidate no. 1, Mr. Klive Rowald Santos, candidate no.3, Mr. Lance Kelly Ibañez, candidate no. 5, Mr. Romulo Mendizabal, Jr., candidate no. 7, Mr. Kyle Aguirre, candidate no. 8, Mr. Alex Ubaldo Jr., and candidate no. 9, Mr. Jethro Angelo Barrientos. All of them were given a new set of gowns and formal attires to wear and let them prepare for the final question and answer portion.  Mister and Miss Jose Rizal University 2014 winners, Ms. Teresa Gabiota and Mr. John Paulo Dagondong had their final walks. The presentation for the Senior High School was presented for the kick-off wave 2. It was followed by the awarding of the certificates of appreciation to the respective judges and workshop directors. The final question and answer for the top 6 candidates was made. It was immediately followed by the coronation of the second runner up, first runner up and the new Mister and Miss Jose Rizal University 2016.

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The newly crowned Mister Jose Rizal University was male candidate no. 7, Mr. Kyle Aguirre and the new Miss Jose Rizal University 2016 was female candidate no. 12, Ms. Alanis Reign Binoya. The closing remarks was presented by Mr. Jovanne Irenio, the Vice-President External of the Central Student Council.


Mister and Miss Congeniality                                     Mister and Miss Photogenic

  • Psyche Alejo                                                            – Ms. Jay Mary Cruz
  • Jyrens Jeu Juane                                                   – Mr. John Llyod Favor


Best in Mardi Gras Attire                                           People’s Choice Award

  • Jay Mary Cruz                                                       – Ms. Hannie Queriones
  • Jyrens Jeu Juane                                                  – Mr. Klive Rowald Santos


Best in Summer Wear                                                 Best in Advocacy Video

  • Alanis Reign Binoya                                            – Ms. Maryam Celebre
  • Jovy Rene Bequilo


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