Rizalian Alumni Discount
May 17, 2020
Online Application for College Graduation – Summer 2020
May 26, 2020

List of Student Discounts


15% discount on Tuition Fee applicable in each sibling who is currently enrolled. This discount is applicable per semester enrolled.

1. Both siblings must be currently enrolled
2. College must be enrolled in regular load or at least 18 units and above.
3. First-time applicant must submit the photocopy of their Birth Certificate
4. Duly accomplished Discount Form

2. JRU Graduate Discount – Basic Education

10% discount on Tuition Fee will be made available to all JRU graduate who will enroll immediately after the graduation. 15% for Grade 12 going to College.


  1. Must be graduated in SY 2019-2020
  2. Submit photocopy of his/her latest report card.
  3. Duly accomplished Discount Form

3. Alumni Discount

For all First-time enrollees of the University, whose parents are alumni of JRU, a one time 10% discount on Tuition fee will be made available to the qualified students.


  1. Proof of graduation of the alumni -photocopy of TOR, Diploma or Certification from the Registrar’s Office
  2. Photocopy of Birth certificate of both alumni and the student
  3. Duly Accomplished Discount Form

4. Pag-ibig Loyalty Program (PLP)

Applicable for the students of the BSN, BSEd and BEEd courses only, 5% discount on Tuition Fee will be made available to students whose parents are members of the PAG-IBIG LOYALTY PROGRAM


  1. Photocopy of the Pag-ibig Loyalty card of the parent
  2. Duly accomplished Form

5. AFP Discount

20% discount on Tuition Fee will be made available to the AFP Personnel who will enroll in Juris Doctor or in Law School Division


  1. Photocopy of his/her AFP ID
  2. Updated Original Certificate of Employment.
  3. Duly accomplished form signed by the Dean of Law School

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