December 10, 2019
Teatro Rizal at 10
December 10, 2019

Life of a Model United Nation Ambassador

By Hanna Nel Inocencio

Sabi ko sa Amang ko dati “ Mang, sama naman ako sayo sa bayan. Gusto ko kase makita yung ministop tsaka yung Jollibee , maganda daw dun?“

I always dream to be with my father whenever he goes to town to deliver some “Bagoong” for his customers. When I was young, it was never my dream to be part of something that will benefit the world. It was never my dream to contribute something that will make a difference. It was never my dream to be an achiever. All I want is to live happily with my family.

All of a sudden, when I was in High School, I saw the inequality between the pilot section and the second section. Then, I started to advocate for inequality and education up until now. I met MDGs or the Millenium Development Goals as it turned to be Sustainable Development Goals. I started to wonder why the society is so unfair. I started to think why there are people who do not value someone’s advocacy. As a future educator, Sustainable Development Goals is what we need to sustain the future and curve happiness to the faces of each individual in the world.

From my advocacy, I can still remember how Model United Nations bring a positive impact to my life tackling unstoppable issues in the world and solving it . It is an academic simulation of the United Nations wherein students from different countries gather together to be an avenue or instrument of bringing prosperity in the world. I can assure you that if you’ll be my friend, magiging bukambibig mo rin ang MUN.

From local MUNs, I’ve encountered which really taught me that Model United Nations is the most significant conference that will teach you how to value life, no one should be left behind , and the unity must propagate turned my life in joining International Model UN. I know some will think that I’m boastful regarding on this matter but I can assure you how humble I am if you will try to know me am joining International Model UN in a view of fact that I am also there to promote Local Model UNs.

IMUN conferences witnessed the participation of over 2000 delegates from more than 50 countries. Following the success of IMUN conferences in Thailand,Vietnam, Egypt and China as well as years of experience in hosting International Model United Nations in different countries, IMUN 2019 was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In collaboration with the Taylor’s University, one of the most prestigious university in Malaysia, they brought the conference to life through six dynamic committees wherein I was able to facilitate the intense session of International Court of Justice, an exceptional array of speakers and the beloved tradition of vibrant social events such as Gala Dinner and Cultural Night.

Since its inception, IMUN has strived to create a community of ambitious and talented delegates from all corners of the globe who feel passionately about our future and recognize their power to mold it. IMUN Malaysia is driven by an educational mission that intends to shed light on the importance of collaboration, the art of diplomacy and the value of key skills such as research, public speaking, debate and negotiation.


Being one of the Top Ambassadors and part of the organizing committee is indeed an honor representing Jose Rizal University and our beloved nation which is the, Philippines I can see the essence of giving value of time, responsibility, and the presence of leadership in my 6 days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia .I always think that nothing will happen if I will just sleep and lie in my bed all day and scrolling Facebook posts , I swear that this is the time . This is the time for us to be in unity and challenge ourselves what we can do to sustain the future.

Let us challenge ourselves to be the momentum of leadership. Let us be the instrument where we can stand for Unity . The world needs us , and so, let us propagate the action of leadership.

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