Hospitality Showdown 2016
September 23, 2016
LASO Attended ABC for DAPE
October 1, 2016

Junior High School Clubs Day 2016

September 30, 2016 (Friday) –Before September ends, the José Rizal University- Marketing and Communications Office in collaboration with the Supreme Student Government of Junior High School Division has organized an event to uplift the students’ involvement to Junior High School clubs. The event was entitled- Junior High School Clubs Day 2016.

It includes 4 segments of activities namely: Booth set-up competition, Talent Showdown, Costume Competition and Quiz Bee competition. These up-skilling activities aim to develop students’ creativity in arts and design; enhance self esteem; and support the campaign for love and loyalty to the environment and the José Rizal University community. An opening remark was given by the Junior High School Division Principal, Mr. Romel C. Navarro followed by the introduction of judge. Students gathered at the University Auditorium to cheer and enjoy the competition as candidates walk through the stage to represent their mother club showing their talents and costume which used recyclable materials. Outside the venue is the booth set-up rated by the invited judges and student visitors which in return received prices and souvenirs from each club. At the end of the program, winners were announced by the SSG Coordinators, Ms. Aileen Montalban and Ms. Margie Alcaide and were given by the Marketing and Communications Office (as follows):


Winner- Science Club

2nd Place- Dramatics Club

3rd Place- Kapisanang Filipino



Winner- Rizalian Artists Club

2nd Place- Science Club

3rd Place- Kapisanang Filipino



Winner- Joshua Aldred Yebes- Mathematics Club

2nd Place- Angelo Compahinay- Rizalian Artists Club

3rd Place- Craig Justine Gomez- Dramatics Club



Winner- Science Club

2nd Place- Kapisanang Filipino

3rd Place- Girl Scouts of the Philippines


Judges and special guests were also awarded as sign of gratitude for their participation and support through the success of the event.

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