Construction of new ES building gets underway
September 21, 2012

JRU rides the wave of the future in IT

The Information and Technology (IT) business’ exponential growth as of late can be attributed to the multi-billion animation and game development industry. This upward trend is expected to continue in a global scale as revenue from hardware and software – physical, online, and portable devices increase.

Beginning first semester of school year 12-13, José Rizal University is accepting enrollees into its new Animation and Gaming Development track under its renowned IT program. This gives students an opportunity to become IT professionals that specialize in Interactive and Digital Entertainment.

The Animation and Game Development (B.S.I.T.-AGD) program is a full-time course designed to equip students with the latest 2D and 3D drawing and animation techniques, basic and advanced game design, development, and production. In addition,

a faculty roster of experts in the field will ensure that the pertinent skills and knowledge needed to compete and succeed in the game development industry are acquired by each student. Associations with some of the leading names in the industry guarantees that the program will remain relevant to the broader community and provide students with workplace training  and career advancement.

With Information Technology concepts providing a solid foundation, students are expected to develop competencies and skill sets in creative multimedia design. This is done through a sequence of rigorous classes with a strong focus on graphic design, art, and interactive media, game methodologies, 3D rendering and modeling, animation, game design and programming.

José Rizal University firmly establishes itself as a premier hub for IT education in the country with program innovations, up-to-date facilities, IT professionals for faculty, and industry linkages.

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