JRU Graduate Ranked Number 3 in LET
December 1, 2015
Pamaskong Handog
December 12, 2015

JRU Received Center of Excellence Award from CHED

Commission on Higher Education designated Business Administration Program of José Rizal Administration Center of Excellence Award dated December 1, 2015

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The major areas under the BSBA Program are: Accounting, Banking & Finance, Computer Science, Economics, Management, Office Management, Service Management and Supply Management.

Graduates of the BSBA Program are able to:

  1. Exhibit specialized knowledge in the major functional areas of business consisting of marketing, operations, human resources and finance;
  2. Show mastery of computational and communication skills for use in a business setting;
  3. Apply the appropriate framework in the analysis of business situations, considering the roles of the government; and
  4. Apply Rizalian Values and professional ethics in making business decisions.

This kind of recognition from CHED is an inspiration to all JRU Community to exceed expectations of our service and to continuously provide quality yet reasonable cost of education.

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