The Office of
International Affairs

Jose  Rizal  University  is  committed  to  provide  quality  education through compliance with stakeholder requirements, continuous improvement of its organizational system, and develop competent and professional teaching and non-teaching  personnel,  to  ensure efficient  transfer  of  relevant  knowledge and desirable values.

The Office of Quality Management, Linkages, and Enabled Learning was established in 2016.  The objective of Linkages is to broaden the academic degree programs by providing opportunities to faculty and students to participate in collaborative seminars, research and paper presentations, academic visits, short term courses, cultural and historical visits and benchmarking activities, both local and international.  This exposure allows students and faculty to keep abreast with the current practices and standards in other institutions. They also provide benchmarks for the academic unit on how to raise the bar of academic standards in the delivery of its academic programs. Linkages are developed to provide a broad perspective to the curriculum of the degree programs. It also identifies specific groups who would benefit much from the academic exchange between institutions.

The Office of International Affairs was established in 2019 the program objectives for international linkages are long term and the External Linkages foster continuity, consistency, and continuous improvement in program and curriculum development. External Linkages also seek coordination with Student Development and Community Development to further linkages not only in the international setting but also in the local settings that will result to affairs and events encompassing the global environment in its pursuit to establish the Language Institute (LI) and the Global Living Learning Community (GLLC) via immersions. External Linkages also fosters campus internationalization and serves as a central support, advisory, and information center for all students. External Linkages also collaborate with faculty and staff on campus, to promote and facilitate international education programs and initiatives, celebrate diversity, promote multiculturalism, and create opportunities for students that encourage the development of a global mindset.

Application Procedures

For international students who want to study in Jose Rizal University:
Application Form with passport size photo (3.5cm X 4.5cm) with white background.

Click here to access the Online Application.

Original Copy of Transcript of Records and Diploma , Philippine Embassy authenticated original copies of Transcript of Records, Diploma, and Police Clearance.

Photocopy of valid and unexpired passport (bring original for verification purposes)

Certificate of Eligibility to Pursue Graduate Studies – for international applicants whose Certificate of Graduation does not clearly indicate that they are university/college degree holders. The University can, likewise, require this added certificate from international applicants if and when needed.

The “Certificate of Eligibility to Pursue Graduate Studies” may be secured from any of the following:
  • School where applicant earned his/her collegiate degree/s,
  • Your country’s Ministry of Education or its equivalent,
  • Philippine Embassy in the applicant’s country of origin.

Philippine Study Tour and Cultural Program
for International Students

Embracing Education Diversity in these Changing Times

This course offers students an opportunity to develop methodological and practical skills in the context of an 8-day to 14-day study tour to the Philippines, once named as the Pearl of the Orient.

During the course, students will gain an enhanced understanding of the Philippines. The study tour is built around a series of sit-in classes and laboratory exercises at Jose Rizal University, tours to historical sites of Manila and nearby areas, exposure to Filipino cuisine, visit to heritage and cultural sites Students will apply their theoretical knowledge to evaluate these case study projects with relation to core development priorities and best practice methods.

ESL Program

This class will allow students to develop Basic English vocabulary and grammatical structures so that they can successfully communicate. Students will also develop literary and analytical skills which will enable them to be successful in future courses.

Specific units are described in the scope and sequence on the following pages. Every unit will develop students’ Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills:

International Students Association (ISA)

The International Student Association at JRU or ISA , was established to bring together the diverse international community at JRU.

The student organization works to bring aspects from our distinct and richly diverse cultural backgrounds to share them with the JRU community at a cultural, academic, and social level.