Guidance and Testing Office

In today’s concept of education, the mere acquisition of knowledge and skills is not enough to aid the students’ personal development. Hence, the Guidance and Testing Office was established in order to help the individual become adjusted to his present situation in such a way as to provide him the greatest development and to aid him in planning for his future in line with his interests, aptitudes, capabilities and needs. Due to the increasing complex needs of the individual and society, the student is pressed by a multiplicity of problems. Academic failures, improper vocational choices, emotional conflicts, social maladjustments are just but few of the common problems faced by the individual. Without these problems being properly dealt with the student may find it impossible to draw full use value from the vast and varied opportunities provided by their education.

Therefore, in order to help meet this problem, an organized and systematic guidance set up is necessary to produce effective results. Not withstanding the fact that the guidance must take into consideration the development and experiences of the individual and must be ready to shift with the changes in the individual or in the external conditions affecting him.


The Guidance and Testing Office is a support system that facilitates the pupils’/students’ holistic growth and psychological well-being for better life adaptability during their stay at JRU. Specifically, the GTO aims to provide the following:

  1. Efficient and effective delivery of basic guidance services to all pupils/students.
  2. Dissemination of reliable and updated information that can assist the Academic community in the decision-making processes through Testing and Evaluation
  3. Development of research that would aid in the adjustment and learning of the pupils/ students.

If you have any inquiries feel free to visit the Guidance and Testing Office at Bldg. H 2nd Floor Mondays to Fridays  7:00 A.M- 7:00 P.M or Contact us at 531-8031 Loc.32

Guidance Services

  1. Student Orientation
  2. Individual Inventory Services
  3. Testing Services
  4. Information Services
  5. Counseling Services
  6. Career Services
  7. Follow-up Services
  8. Research and Evaluation
  9. Specialized Services


  • La Pluma / Academic Scholarships
  • Academic Counseling via the STAR Program
  • Creative Parenting Seminars
  • Counseling Special Groups
  • Training for Para Counselors and Peer Counselors
  • Internship Program
  • Satisfaction Surveys