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February 18, 2016
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March 6, 2016

Francis Morales Case

A person using a University ID card of Jose Rizal University, and said to be a member of a gang victimizing innocent victims,  is approaching people and making up stories to defraud them of valuables including money and personal items.

An employee of an Accounting and Audit firm in Makati said the culprit was someone who identified himself as Francis B. Morales.  This person claimed to be a JRU student and showed a school ID to identify himself. It was also reported that the same person has already victimized several persons in the vicinity of Ayala Avenue.

Jose Rizal University has checked its record of students presently enrolled this semester and did not find the name Francis B. Morales in the record.

JRU wishes to announce to the public that it disallows the use of school ID outside of its use to gain access to its premises. Any person using the same for illegal or suspicious purposes should be reported to university authorities immediately for corrective action.francis

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