Welcome Rizalians 2016
June 6, 2016
PEP RALLY 2016: Who’s The Boss Now?
June 24, 2016

Central Student Council Organization Day 2016

June 6, 2016 (Monday)—Central Student Council had its annual Organization Day which was also the opening of a new school year 2016-2017. Starting the day with the welcoming of the students headed by the Marketing and Communications Office, student leaders participated in welcoming the new and old students especially the Senior High School students.

The program had started with an opening salvo performed by the student leaders from the different organizations. Both academic and non-academic organizations set up their booths that would attract the students and market their organizations as well. The Central Student Council had come up with selling personal design of pins that symbolizes the honor of being a Rizalian.

Cooperation and teamwork was shown from the officers in making the event successful. It does not only focuses on the students but with the staffs and administration as well. This allowed them to see the that students may not only enjoy studying in Jose Rizal University but as well as with the help of these organizations they may gain much more friends, connections that would be in-line with their work field and enhance the leadership within them. The Central Student Council is pleased to have this organizations to help the school encourage the students to continue their journey towards their success in JRU.


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