Congratulations New Rizalian CPA’s
May 24, 2016
Welcome Rizalians 2016
June 6, 2016

Byaheng JRU

 “Iba’t ibang kwento, iba’t ibang byahe. Iisang patutunguhan. Ito ang simula ng paglalakbay ng tunay na Rizalian! We bleed blue and Gold! Kaya ang ating sigaw: MABUHAY RIZAL! Ibahagi sa iba at ipagmalaki mo na ikaw ay isang Rizalian at JRU ang eskwelahan mo.”

This statement warmed the hearts of the José Rizal University community as the speaker started the program with these words. It is the first day of the school year 2016-2017 of the JRU students. The Marketing and Communications Office and the Rizalian Ambassadors decided to open the school year with a combined event entitled “Welcome Rizalians!” and the “Byaheng JRU”. The Byaheng JRU event started with a briefing about the stations where the T-Shirts and Signages for the Jeepney and FX drivers will be distributed. The stations include the routes: Station 1 (Pasig-Quiapo, Boni-Stop&Shop); Station 2 (Quiapo-Pasig, Stop&Shop- Boni); Station 3 (Vergara/Hulo); Station 4 (Libertad/Boni-kaliwa); Station 5 (Binangonan/Antipolo/Edsa Crossing). Every station has assigned personnel and photographers led by the Rizalian Ambassadors (RAMS). This event started exactly at 7 o’clock in the morning and ended until the final T-Shirt and Signage were distributed. This was the first time in the JRU history that signages with “JRU” abbreviation was widely used by the PUV drivers. It’s one of the best experience ever!

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