July 20, 2017
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July 27, 2017

BONFIRE 2017: Keep the spirit ablaze

July 22, 2017 (Saturday) – Hearts emblazoned with pride and passion, the José Rizal University Law School community celebrated its twelve (12) newest lawyers in a bonfire ceremony at the JRU quadrangle.


Many of the new Rizalian lawyers took to the stage to express their gratitude for all who have supported them throughout their years fighting the good fight in law school, while others shared favorite moments, as well as tips for those who remain in the trenches while avidly awaiting their chance to hurdle the bar exam in their own time. Steeped in tradition, the JRU bonfire ceremony is an annual gathering whereby the entire law school community comes together in giving honor to those who have successfully passed the previous year’s bar exam.


One of its main features is the lighting of the bonfire by the new lawyers, as a symbol of keeping their firey passion for truth, justice, and the law ablaze throughout and beyond their legal careers. The lighting ceremony also featured the current bar examinees, as a symbolic passing of the torch of wisdom, strength, and skill that will help them as they take the bar exams this coming November.


The black and white theme of the event allowed the new lawyers to truly stand out in their red outfits as they graced the stage as hundreds of Rizalians and guests congratulated them and listened to their heartwarming talks. Even as rain poured, the fire in the hearts of everyone in attendance remained ablaze, and the celebration continued despite the downpour.


This year’s bonfire was an inclusive event, as it featured the entrance of colors by the JRU ROTC corps, as well as presentations by the Teatro Rizal, JRU Chorale, and members of the JRU Central Student Council.


The 2017 bonfire celebration truly kept the spirit of Rizalian pride ablaze not only for the new lawyers, but for all who are, day-by-day, moving forward to achieve their dreams of legal practice.

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