February 23, 2017
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March 1, 2017


Artikulo ni S.L.

An Original Musical Play


It is the beginning of School Year 2016-2017 and Laong Laan University opens its doors to the first batch of Senior High School students as mandated by the implementation of the K-12 Curriculum. Edgardo Lopez or Mang Eddie, a hardworking janitor of the university, welcomes the students (whom he fondly refers to as the “pag-asa ng bayan” and “tatatak sa kasaysayan”) and the audience into the hustle and bustle of the first day of school.

Samantha Lopes, an affable achiever, and Samuel Lopez, the smart but carefree son of Mang Eddie, cross paths and are brought together by their mutual passion for debating. The two display their prowess in an impromptu debate, successfully defending the side in favor of K-12. Here they capture the interest of Ms. Sally Lumundag, the adviser of the school’s Debate Team, who invites them as members.

Meanwhile, an article, signed with the initials S.L., spreads around the campus. Students become confused and fearful of the possible dangerous effects of the K-12 program to their dreams as outlined in the article. They also start to wonder about the identity of the mysterious writer. A rally against K-12 is then started by those who oppose its implementation.

Mang Eddie decides to take a job overseas to support his son’s education. Samuel, upon learning of his father’s decision, confronts him and offers to quit school to help with their family’s expenses. Mang Eddie eventually convinces Samuel to let him go, stating that he will be going away for his son’s future. As he travels to his employment agency he is caught within the rally’s chaos and is injured.

Samuel receives a call informing him that his father fell into a coma from his injury. Distraught, Samuel blames K-12 for what happened, stating that his father would not have been in that situation had the program not been implemented. Samantha tries to reason out with him to no avail and they end up facing against each other in the final round of the university’s debate contest, with Samuel now taking the side of the K-12 opposition.

As the battle ensues, Leo Salvador, another member of the Debate Team, speaks up and reveals what truly happened to Samuel’s father. It is revealed that contrary to what Samuel believed, Mang Eddie was actually trying to stop the rally and save Leo from trouble but was unfortunately caught in the crossfire.

Samuel relents and he and Samantha rekindle their friendship. Months pass and Mang Eddie eventually makes a full recovery and Samuel finishes at the top of the class. Donning their togas, the students look forward to a bright future armed with the knowledge and skills they learned from senior high school.

The question, however, remains: S.L.? Sino siya?

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