Alumni Feature: Ceasar A. Nachor, AB Major in History ’90
May 12, 2020
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May 17, 2020

Alumni Feature: Shadd Job Sta. Maria, BS in HRM Major in Cruise Management ’15

The year 2011 when I entered college, and JRU has a big role in the success that I achieved today. This institution served as a platform for me to fully enhance my knowledge and skills. My instructors and my classmates brought out my self-confidence and the best in me. I can say, I had four (4) awesome years in college!

After graduating from JRU, I got my first ever job. I was hired directly by an agency in the Philippines to work overseas as a Housekeeping Attendant in Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel. My journey in Dubai has never been easy but my heart is just on fire in achieving my goals. I never get tired of chasing my dreams, so from my first company, I moved to another, which opened a lot of opportunities for me. I got a chance to work in one of the best companies in Dubai, the Jumeirah Group, and do cross-training in Dubai’s iconic 7stars hotel Burj Al Arab. Still, I remained courageous and determined to achieve one of my ultimate dreams, to work in a Cruise Ship.

Surrendering to the Lord my future is what I also did, not questioning how hard my journey is but trusting Him in the process. By His grace, I finally entered the Cruise Line Industry right after four hard-working years in Dubai. The challenging process that I have gone through in achieving this dream is just so worth it. I also believe that every person has its own perfect moment, and my moment has finally come, not early as what I want, but so perfect as what the Lord gave it to me.


I love to inspire people and give advice, so here is my advice to all Rizalians — always set goals, keep on chasing your dreams, never lose hope, be positive, always believe in yourself, never settle for less, always get out of your comfort zone and give your 100% determination and dedication, and trust me it will be all worth it! You can do this! Continue to be awesome my dear Rizalians! Much Love and God Bless!

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