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January 8, 2022
Shairra Portugal
Alumni Feature: Lishairra Portugal BSIT ’18
February 2, 2022

Alumni Feature: Randolph Ordinario, BSCS ’06

I am a Proud Rizalian.

One of our traits as Rizalians, I believe, is that we fight for our lives no matter how difficult the problems we face. In 2006, I completed the degree of Bachelor of Science in Commercial Science.

One of the most thrilling and unforgettable college experiences I had was when I was elected to the Student Council and as the Vice President of the Computer Society (ComSoc). It may happen decades ago, but the friends I made that time are still part of my life, we stayed in touch.

Right now, I am working as a Senior Software Engineer and an Internationally Published Photographer in Vancouver, Canada, which is a challenge. Getting a degree is not an assurance of good fortune right away, I encountered a lot of difficulties and almost gave up. But life has to go on, I made a decision to find any ways to bounce back. Forget about ego and grab any opportunity that would lead me to where I want to go. I was about to run out of alternatives because most of us won't acquire the ideal career based on our studies. I had to take on jobs that are not related or even lower than that but I kept my faith, I worked harder. Luckily, I was given a chance to practice my profession. Not a good start but worth it. 

I am a big dreamer. I know I could do more. I kept on moving until I secure the job that I really wanted to do. Obtaining a job related to your degree in a different country is not easy but I made it. The stakes are really high but I never gave up. And now, I keep on studying to keep up with the trends and technology that I could help myself improve and perform my tasks better.

Another thing, I did not set aside my passion. I love photography. I love capturing beautiful things and memories. Every day, I do my best to become a successful Fashion and Landscape Photographer on the side. All of my work has been published in over 300 international magazines around the world, including Vogue Italia, ELEGANT, Lavish, Surreal, Vanity Wall Magazine, Style Cruze, and many others.

These accomplishments are never possible if not because of my roots. Through good education and perseverance, I was able to achieve all of my goals.

I am especially grateful for JRU. Everything I needed to know and what I apply to my daily life is because of my great experiences at JRU.

I hope that this inspires my fellow Rizalians in their daily lives. No matter how hard life is, never give up. There is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Just don't lose hope. Time will come, just be patient.

Never criticize, always encourage.

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