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June 17, 2020
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June 18, 2020

Alumni Feature of the Week: Theresa Leona C. Divino, BSIT ’17

Mr and Miss JRU 2018 with Sir Ariem Cinco

If the name Tessa Divino doesn’t ring a bell to you then maybe my opening line would. I am that voice you hear on the quadrangle shouting “What’s up JRU!” trying to hype all the Rizalians watching. I’ve hosted a number of school events since 2015 and I enjoyed that part of my college life. I sometimes thought to myself that I was JRU’s resident emcee at the time lol. Even though I’m not with JRU anymore, I still go back and host events if they invited me.

PEP Rally 2018 with ABS-CBN Sports & Action’s Migs Bustos

I had three jobs since I left JRU in 2017. Even though I graduated with a Latin honor, I was never confident with my technical skills. Our team almost didn’t graduate because of our Capstone (thesis) project, but by the grace of God we were able to finish on time. I swore to myself that I would never work as a Programmer or an App Developer. My brain just can’t absorb the fact that I would be able to get a job doing that – I didn’t feel like I could do it at all, so I tried applying for other types of jobs.

Computer Society Officers with Atty. Val Guarin – Circa 2015

I first worked as a Donor Contact Specialist. That job gave me my first paycheck, and even though it wasn’t my niche I enjoyed working there as it helped me improve my communication skills. Then months after, I went back to teach in the Senior Highschool division of my alma mater. I spent one semester teaching Visual Basic and Modern (empowerment) Technologies. That experience made me appreciate my teachers even more. It sure isn’t easy to be talking in front of a rowdy class from morning to afternoon, but it is indeed fulfilling. 2017 wasn’t over and yet I’m already on my second job. I kind of felt lost at the time even though I was enjoying what I was doing. Feeling nervous but hopeful, I left my teaching job in JRU to think about what I really want to do with my life.

I tried applying for jobs in the Digital Marketing field, but I had no luck. Five months have passed, and I was still unemployed. I really didn’t know what to do, until I saw a job ad from one of the biggest IT companies. Even though I was super skeptical, I just went for it and applied. It’s about time I face my fear and luckily, they hired me! Finally, I had a job that would support me – I am now a Software Engineer.

2 years have passed and I’m still working in the IT industry. My 2016 self would’ve never thought this would be possible, considering all the fear and trauma I had with programming. I never would’ve imagined that I’d be here creating automation bots for local and international clients. If I wasn’t brave enough to apply for this job in 2018, I’d still probably be wandering around, unemployed without a purpose.

My last picture with VKF!

The biggest lesson I learned through my experience was to never let your fears stop you from achieving success. There is no right way of doing it, nor is there a specific timeline for it. Pick your own pace and never be pressured by other people. I am proud to say that being a Rizalian has helped me become what I am today. This institution has mold me to become industry ready, and I am forever grateful.

Mabuhay Rizal!

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