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May 26, 2020
June 14, 2020

Alumni Feature of the Week: Roana May F. Tami-ing, BSBA Major in Supply Management ’16

My name is Roana May F. Tami-ing. I graduated in the year 2016 in a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Major in Supply Management.

The University has given me a good quality education with balanced academic and extracurricular activities which made my 14 years studying fun and exciting. Taking the course was challenging but because of the University’s linkages Philippine Institute of Supply Management (PISM) we’re able to discover a lot about the course I’m taking.  University gave us the opportunity to learn and explore the industry by having Practitioner professors, visiting different plant sites/warehouses, and even representing JRU for Supply Chain Asia 2014.  

It took me a month after graduation to get my first job as Procurement Assistant in Industrial Gas Manufacturing Company – Linde Philippines Inc. After one and in a half years, I was promoted as Buyer – Plants and Production which led me to handle my first ever project located in Apalit, Pampanga, and visit plant sites within the Philippines.  I decided to take a step forward after 3 years and work as Junior Purchaser – Regional Procurement North & Central Europe in Wind Turbine Company (Vestas Shared Service A/S Philippines – ROHQ) today which opened a lot of opportunities for me. I was able to share my knowledge and attend workshops/training in Europe.

Due to technological advancement, the future of Supply Management will bring a huge impact globally. Real-time connectivity and visibility enable supply chain professionals to work with their partner anywhere, sharing insights with B2B aspects. It shows that we are now moving into the digital supply chain era. Students graduating in Supply Management have leverage in the Philippine industry.

My advice to fellow Rizalians – Be Patient, Be Flexible, and Be Ready to receive feedback. These are my key reminders to help you achieve your goals. We can do this! Keep the Faith Orgulloso Rizaliano!

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