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March 29, 2021
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Alumni Feature of the Week: Jireh Villafania, BCS Major in Accounting ’11

I am Jireh Villafania, I am a Designer, I am a proud Rizalian.

In 2006, my journey in JRU began as a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy student, but due to changes in my priorities, I shifted to BCS Major in Accounting. I became part of JRU Pep Squad in 2007, which was the start of my self-discovery and curiosity in a creative world of fashion.

Back then, I was still confused with my career journey as a future accountant, luckily, JRU has different programs to build student confidence like pageants, sporting activities, and other extra-curricular events, which I actively participated in.

Now, I am working as a fashion designer, I will admit that at the beginning I didn’t see myself designing and dressing up people. But the universe has its own way to lead us to where we should be.

My current state makes me happy as I see dressing people and designing clothes for them as a mission to spread love and happiness. It is like empowering everyone to believe that they are beautiful and they have worth more than clothes.

From pep squad to glam squad.

Because of my job, I was able to talk and be featured in newspapers and TV here in Brunei,

be able to dress and style the Miss Universe,

honored to be trusted by the president of Singapore,

and the daughter of the Sultan of Brunei.

All in all, I am so grateful to JRU for giving me the education beyond the classroom.

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