Student Feature of the Week: Ivan Christopher Lariosa
June 23, 2020
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June 30, 2020

Alumni Feature of the Week: HARRY T. MOREÑO, BSHRM-CMGT ’16

I started as a Baker and Pastry Commissary at Fairmont and Raffles Hotel Makati for 1 year and 5 months, I’d say it was a good experience but I felt like the opportunity to grow was far from what I’ve dreamed of.  With big dreams in my head, I left the company and was accepted in a prestigious cruise line industry, Holland America Line, as assistant pastry. I am glad that I got a good exposure in this company because of the good partnership with JRU and the company.

But after 2 years, I felt the need to move again for some reasons; I too, was not sure. I was then accepted in one of the leading luxury cruise lines, Silver Sea, which operates around the world. which I am privileged to experience a lot of great opportunities for personal and professional growth. In one contract, I was promoted from assistant pastry personnel to Confectioner. This profession gave me an opportunity to visit 7 continents and in 75 countries.

To my fellow Rizalians, try to figure it out now what you want to be and start designing your future.  It’s not an easy journey, you will experience the lowest of the lows but you gotta experience the highest of the highs too. Just do not give up your dreams whatever it takes and focus on what you want to achieve. Stick with your objective in life, problems are always there every time but the biggest problem is if you cannot find the way to handle it. Good luck and do not be afraid to chase your dreams!

Like all of you, this profession was also affected by COVID-19. Cruise line industry was badly hit and we were mandated to be sent home by our company. There were times that no country allowed or accepted us to disembark. We didn’t have a choice but to sail for 28 days while waiting for confirmation from any port  that will allow us to dock. It was hard because guests were still onboard and food stocks were running out. Luckily on March 20, 2020, one of the Australian Ports (Darwin) accepted us and allowed us to disembark. We are grateful to our company for prioritizing the safety of guests and crew members. All crews were sent home. We are all safe now with our families.

I would like to thank and acknowledge the College of Hotel and Restaurant Management Major in Cruise Management of Jose Rizal University my former teachers, classmates and schoolmates. Thank you for helping us. I am proud to be a Rizalian. Mabuhay Rizal!

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