Alumni Feature of the Week: ABRAHAM JOHN SUYO, BSHRM’12
January 29, 2021
Happy 102nd Founding Anniversary JRU
February 11, 2021

Alumni Feature of the Week: Elizabeth Edu-Catibog, BEED ’02

College life was very challenging for me, being away from my family and hometown, let alone being in this big city. To make ends meet, I had to work and study at the same time. Truly, growing up in a broken family took its toll on my hardship. All I had was the determination to surpass the challenge and get me into a better situation in the quickest possible time. 

With my not so easy journey, I focused on investing for my future, so, as to speak, I had to make the best decision that any wrong decision is not allowed. One of those decisions is to enroll in José Rizal University (JRC back then). 

I wanted to be successful, and for me to achieve that, I have to be in a place where success radiates and where students like me have a place to work and study. JRU opened that door of opportunity for me. Not only that it allowed me flexible time for my studies, but it also allowed me to dream bigger. My former teachers and the school administrators inspire me to work harder. I am eternally grateful. 

I was an academic scholar back then where I get to refund my tuition in full. The opportunity made me value my studies even more.  Being in JRU is like finding a family to love and support you until they see you succeed and soar high in life. 

If I am going to school again, I would still definitely choose JRU. For in JRU, you are not just a student, but you are a family deserving of successful future investment. 

Thank you so much JRU. Mabuhay kayo. 

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