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January 13, 2021
Alumni Feature of the Week: Elizabeth Edu-Catibog, BEED ’02
February 8, 2021

Alumni Feature of the Week: ABRAHAM JOHN SUYO, BSHRM’12

I am Abraham John Suyo, and I am a full-blooded Rizalian.

JRU has been my second home from kindergarten to college. I believe that everything I am right now is partly because of what JRU has taught me to become. Whenever I think of my experiences at JRU, I always feel that nostalgia and exciting emotions and make me want to visit my alma mater. I’ll be forever grateful for what I learned from the institution, especially, from the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management. It is undeniable that the university provided us with real-life and industry experience, and through this, I am recognized internationally in my field.

My career did not start smoothly, as I thought it could be. When I was still a student, I juggled my studies while working as an on-call banquet waiter. Then, I was able to go to Singapore as a Management Trainee. After I graduated, I worked as a full-time waiter at Lancaster Hotel Manila and, later on, got promoted as Bar Captain, then transferred to Holiday Inn, Makati as a Bartender.

One day, a once in a lifetime opportunity hit me when one of my guests asked me if I wanted to work in Macau. He is my boss now. I got hired as a Bartender at the casino hotel and later transferred and promoted as a Senior Bartender at China Rogue Galaxy, Macau. Right now, I am still enjoying what I do and exploring other possibilities to hone my craft.

Call this bragging, but I am happy to share with you these achievements:
● For de Caña Sustainable Cocktail Challenge HK and Macau 2019 Champion
● Flor de Caña Global Finalist (Central America)
● Galaxy Macau F&B Showdown 2019 Bartender 1st Runner-up
● Macau Bartender of the year 3rd place
● Macau Gold Pin Finalist Top 6
● Havana Club Grand Prix 2018 2nd runner up

To my fellow Rizalians, aim high to fulfill your dreams by acquiring knowledge and skills given by your professors, obtain more experiences by applying what you have learned with determination. Thank you to my alma mater, Jose Rizal University, for molding me as a useful citizen, and indeed, I am proud to be a Rizalian.

Mabuhay Rizal!

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