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January 26, 2022
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Alumni Feature: Lishairra Portugal BSIT ’18

Shairra Portugal

I never imagined being a Model or being in the Modeling Industry. 

My dreams were simpler. Hence, I graduated Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree. Back then, I knew what I wanted in life or so I thought. I want to work in a corporate setting, practice my skills, and live a normal life of my age. Plot twist. An IT Student joined the University Pageant, won the First Runner-Up title which eventually landed me to represent the university to the NCAA as muse. 

Everything has changed. Opportunities came unexpectedly. From being a regular schoolgirl, started modeling stints at the age of 18 and joining pageants. That's it. I made a decision. It's time to move out of my comfort zone, develop skills to become more confident, and start believing in myself.

It was a roller coaster ride for me. I experienced a lot of hardships or difficulties to be in this kind of industry and be accepted. I do and try my best to keep up, keep falling and trying and bouncing back faster. Very challenging. But I love this. I want to be here. 

One thing I love in modeling is that we get to meet and work with different people & different places every day. I find it very interesting to know many people and talk to them and get to know them on a personal level. I enjoy and love every minute of it. At my age, I am fortunate to meet and interact with a lot of people from various backgrounds. This keeps me grounded. I am thankful for all the rough pathways that lead me here. And I am just starting. 

Time will tell everything you need to know. - K. Tolnoe

Sometimes our plans are different from our destiny. I didn't expect this, but I am enjoying it. To my fellow Rizalians, even if it looks impossible you just have to give it a try and keep pursuing what your heart and mind tell you. Trust yourself and of course, the will of the Lord for you. 

I am a firm believer in “Everything, in time” and for me, life is all about timing, so don’t be discouraged or never rush things because we all have a different timeline in life. Always remember that “What is meant for you will always find you “ 

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