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May 5, 2020
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“In accepting people as a member of the Faculty, don’t look for a high IQ, look for a high EQ, they can be trained”, says Former JRU President Dr. Armand Fabella. This are the word that was instilled in me when I started my profession and vocation as an educator. Let me take you back on my journey with then Jose Rizal College.

Right after the EDSA People Power Revolution, I went to Metro Manila to search for my dream of becoming a singer/musician in the entertainment world with my father who is also a musician. Unluckily I did not enjoy what I was expecting in one of the bars in Ermita, Manila. In June 1986, I enrolled in JRC in the College of Accountancy. I was so excited during my first two (2) months of stay in school but later on, I realized that I was not vested for the course. I found it difficult because it was not my favorite subject back when I was in High School.

So, in the second Semester for SY 1986-1987, I decided to enroll in the College of Education and made History as my Major. That started my real journey to who I am now. I became a Dean’s lister from Second Year to the Fourth Year. Everybody was expecting that I will graduate with flying colors, as Cum Laude, but because of my poor grades during my first year in JRC as Accounting Student, I was not able to reach the Average of 2.0 to become a graduate with academic distinction. Honestly speaking, JRC before was known as a school for Bachelor of Arts in Commerce. It was not known for other courses like Education. In fact, we were only few from the College of Education who will graduate for SY 1989-1990.

I remember, there were only 3 boys who graduated, and I am one of them. I enjoyed very much in the College of Education because I learned a lot from my former Professors. They were school officials both from Public and Private Schools. Those people became my bosses right after I graduated from the institution. It’s in JRC where I discovered and harness my full potential. I joined the elite group of Model cadets in ROTC, I also joined the Young Educators Society where I became an Official of the organization and I became a winner in the Quiz Bee competition.

Immediately a week after graduation, I applied to a Private School and was accepted to become a teacher for School Year 1990-1991. I stayed in that Institution for Four (4) years before I transferred to the Public School System.

I graduated from Masters’s Degree in 1997 and became a part-time Professor in the National College of Business and Arts (Cubao branch). In 2000, I decided to apply as Part-Time College Instructor at José Rizal University. In 2005, I was given a chance to become a book author in the Public School system and got promoted as Master Teacher in Araling Panlipunan. In 2011, I become an Education Program Supervisor in the Division of City Schools in Mandaluyong.

I filed my leave of Absence for 1 year and went to South Carolina, the United States of America as a teacher in Estill Middle School in Hampton County. A year after, I went back to the Philippines and became a National trainer for K to 12 and Gender and Development. I represented the National Capital Region (NCR) in the GAD and Child Protection Program of the Department of Education. I was also in charge of the Legal Unit of the Division. I can still see that someday; the Government of the world will realize the significance of knowing their history for their countries to move forward.

I always remember what former JRU President Dr. Armand Fabella saying that in accepting people as a member of the Faculty, don’t look for a high IQ, look for a high EQ, they can be trained. He was a good person with good values remains to be the asset of the organization/institution.

Humility is still the key for a man to prosper in whatever path he will take. This has been ingrained into my mind and my heart ever since I stepped in the University. It is through humility that we get to overcome challenges with great positive returns. sMuch like what José Rizal University has since achieved for 101 years. I have seen much of how JRU changed from just being a school focused in Commerce to a University that caters quality education in different fields.

I will forever be a proud Rizalian.

Mabuhay Rizal!

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