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June 14, 2019
June 24, 2019

A Woman in Law School: Self-Love and High Heels

By: Edelie Rose “Xiao” B. Almarines

I am writing this article on a yellow pad, using an ink in a pen, actually writing cursively, which I intend to improve for a more legible penmanship for the Bar, at this very moment.What was the title again? Ahhh, “modern”? Heh. I thought so, too.

Ironically speaking, modern ways onthis modern day aren’t 100% practiced in law schools here in the PH. Writing legibly, for one, is important for us to pass all our subjects – and eventually, for us to pass the Bar. We are called out, in names or anonymously, if the professor thinks that we need to improve our handwriting. Some professors even require us to have our own-made reviewers and case digests, handwritten. Imagine having to summarize 300 cases in one semester, and practically rewriting the codes of the law, with graphs and color coding in it. Yep, not practical at all.

(Studying on a holiday (Wednesday) for a subject that is on a Saturday.?)

The most modern way that I have adopted in law school is this modern mindset that, just because everything now is readily accessible, less effort should be exerted in studying. Just when I thought that it’s indeed the case, it’s not. Less effort is not best effort. Law school requires your best effort, your whole heart to learn the law.One should be willing to be a slave of the law. If you are, then entering law school is the best experience you will ever cherish and never forget.That just means, put your seat belt on and enjoy the roller coaster and heart stopping ride that is law school.

I entered law school straight from college. I never experienced to work. I won’t say that my family is rich, but my parents make sure that we are well-fed and well-sustained. When I told them that I wanted to enter law school and fulfill my dream of becoming a lawyer, they never hesitated to support me nor doubted whether or not I’d pass my subjects and the Bar. Needless to say, I am a, as what our professors call it, ‘professional student’. Have I mentioned that I am also a mom?

You’d ask me whether I still get to sleep 7-8hrs a day, I’d say yes. You’d ask me how I do it, I’d say, get yourself a very supportive and responsiblelife partner, a loving family (although you don’t get to choose who your family will be lol), a nanny to your kid, your holy grail skin care, and a pair of heels that sounds like power when you walk them, and you’re good to go.?

(Just me casually stopping by to take a picture of my powers.)

On a serious note, coping up with this fast-pacing world we live in isn’t very easy. In my case, I wake up at 6am, finish mommy duties at 8am, prep up and go to school at 9am, read my day’s quota from 10am to 5pm, have class and get beaten up through recitations from 6pm to 9pm, go home, then back to mommy duties ’til 11pm.On bad days, I’d stay up ’til 2am to distress by doing make-up looks I don’t get to wear on a daily basis. Some days, I’d eat pancit canton or balut, drink 2 bottles of beer (or more, we’ll never know lol) after a long, tiring day – enough to comfort me from a bad recit/quiz/exam.

On good days, I pray and thank God (before drinking 2 or more bottles, jk). Then I get back to my 6am-11pm routine the next day. Fight circumstances (a.k.a. laziness, lol) throughout the day and handle the recits with grace. It’s a routine I can never detach myself from while I’m in law school, and it’s the same routine I will never get rid of because I love it just the way it is. Tiring? Exhausting. Such mess? Chaos. Am I still going to do it all over again, anyway? 100%.Because it is all worth it. This is all going to be worth it.This is the torture I love because it’s the same torture that molded me to who I am today.

(These help me cope up. These are my essentials.)

In law school, as mentioned, there are good days and bad days. Mostly the latter, but the former always comes. Personally, I don’t expect good recits all the time but I pray for our professor’s mood during the day. I can’t always get the right answers but the professor always has the discretion to spare me. Hehehehehe.

In this modern day, we are all expected to be as fast-paced as this world, but that is not always the case. It is true that reading materials are available here and there, but there hasn’t a microchip invention that can just be put into your system and record the readings you had a day and be readily available to serve you on your recitation, quizzes or exams, but that will be amazing too if there has. ?

In my case, there are always external forces that go along my way while reaching my quotas. Some days I experience mental and emotional breakdowns, physical health issues; even my spiritualbeing is tested too. Buteveryday, I have to get back up, kiss my son goodbye, put my moisturizer and sunblock on, have my highlighter on point, wear my stilettos, and remember my ‘deepest why’ – THE WHY that answerswhether to continue reading the assigned cases or to just grab better opportunities somewhere else outside law school. A lot of us choose the latter, but most of us choose them both.

I choose them both – being a full-time law student and a full-time mom. It would be very difficult, but it is NEVER impossible. With the right people I choose to surround myself with, perseverance, faith, and pixie dust,I will eventually reach myday’s quota, slay that recit, and pass my subjects (with the professor’s discretion, again, of course lol)!

(With my constants, my beshies, my go-to persons.)

To end this article, I would like to remind the reader of this to never doubt what you can do and how you will do it in the name of your dreams, just as your family, friends, and God never doubted you. You are more than what you think you are because you are made for far more beautiful things, during law school and after. When God put your purpose and the desire of becoming a lawyer in your heart, He plans you to become one to serve and be the best lawyer that you can be. You are meant to become one because it is written in the book, in your palms, in the stars. Remember that once upon a time, you were a little nugget with big dreams that you promise you’d make real one day. Don’t disappoint yourself. ?

(Just me wearing formal on the left and casualon the right, which I wear depending on the professor. ?)

Edelie Rose “Xiao” B. Almarines, 23,a full-time law student, a full-time mom, a skin care junkie, a modern woman who wants to conquer the world, wearing nothing but self-love and high heels, and to make women-empowerment a norm because hating is boring.

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