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February 12, 2020
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February 14, 2020

3rd PACSA International Conference 2019

Last November 25-28, 2019, five (5) Senior High Student Council Officers together with their Club Adviser and a Faculty, represented the Jose Rizal University in the 3rd PACSA International Conference 2019 held at the Teacher's Camp, Baguio City. They are namely, Shayne Mitzie Paroco and Ailyn Joy Madrio from E12A, Ricsher Pantaleon from M12A, Lance Jaurigue from H12A, and Frince Fortunado from H12G. They join different activities in line with the two main celebrations of the event, the 40th PACSA Annual National Convention and Training Workshop for Campus Advisers and the 24th PACSL Annual National Convention and Training Workshop for Student Leaders.

AilynMadrio elected as the Director for Community Development in PACSL

The delegates were told to wear their organizational shirts. For the first day of the whole event, it started with a Thanksgiving Mass which took place in the Benitez Hall. Opening ceremonies occurred right after at the same venue. In the opening, the theme of the event was introduced which was "WE ARE ONE: Working Towards Excellence By Advocating Righteousness, Empowerment, and Oneness". Also, the rules and regulations in staying in the event's place are discussed and the different activities for the succeeding days were announced. After the ceremony, Regional Meeting was organized wherein the NCR was assigned to the Quezon Hall. In the Regional Meeting, the representatives for the different competitions were chosen through simple elimination. The student leaders, Ricsher Pantaleon and Frince Fortunado tried to join the "On the Spot Poster Making Contest". Ailyn Madrio, Shanyne Mitzie Paroco, and Lance Jaurigue joined the "On the Spot Speech Writing and Delivery Contest". Happily, Shanyne Mitzie Paroco qualified as one of the NCR representatives. Together with the choosing of representatives, the PACSL Election also took place wherein Ailyn Madrio was appointed as the Director for Community Development. The day ended with a socialization party with the concept, "PACSA Goes KPOP" held at the Teachers Camp Ground between the Benitez and Quezon Hall.

Introduction of the 3rd PACSA Theme

On November 26, 2019, team building and training were scheduled. The student leaders attended the whole day team building at the Teachers Camp Oval while the advisers take part in the CPD Training at the Benitez Hall. The delegates for this day are asked to wear sporty attire to fully participate in the team building activities. The team-building started with a morning routine specifically dancing Zumba. After that, the student leaders were grouped and formed ten (10) big groups. They played various activities that depict the essence of leadership. The day finished with the practice of the contest and competition participants.

Folk Dance number during the Opening Ceremony

On the third day, the contest and competitions already took place. Ricsher Pantaleon presented her Qualitative Research entitled, "Exploring Perceptions of Classroom Learning and Online Learning Among Senior High School Students". As mentioned, ShanyneMitzieParoco qualified as an NCR Representative for the "On the Spot Speech Writing and Delivery". All happened at the Benitez Hall. The last event of the day was the Cultural Night wherein the competitions of Mr. and Ms. Pacsa and PACSA Idol Search were held.

Ricsher Pantaleon achieved awards of “Best Presenter” and “Best Paper”
ShanyneMitzieParoco won third place in the “On the Spot Speech Writing and Delivery”

The last day has come and the announcement of winners prevailed. Cheerfully, ShanyneMitzieParoco won the third place on the competition, "On the Spot Speech Writing and Delivery Contest" while Ricsher Pantaleon gathered awards of "Best Paper" and "Best Presenter" for the Student division.

Truly, the experience of the student leaders is unforgettable that taught them valuable lessons to enhance their skills of leadership. Moreover, they went home with various achievements that the JRU Community will surely be proud of.

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