97th Founding Anniversary Kick-Off
February 2, 2016
Francis Morales Case
February 23, 2016

The Hospitality Showdown 2016

The Hospitality Showdown 2016, an annual major event of HHRS where HRM & Cruise Management students showcase their skills in different competitions, was held last February 17 and 18, 2016 at the Jose Rizal University Quadrangle. The market basket, which is a culinary competition, has to start ahead because there are lots of groups registered to compete in the said event. While the recipe writing for market basket was ongoing, the program at the quadrangle started with a doxology followed by the National Anthem, and introduction of the CHTM administration, faculty and judges for the competition. A “sinulog” festival was performed by tourism management students from section 201TM who were last year’s winners in tourism expo. This was followed by the introduction of the Mr. & Ms. HTM titleholders and the champions of the 2015-2016 college intramurals, the HTM team. Also, the catering  students had their exhibits. After the opening ceremony, the participants in different competitions were gathered in the competition area. The floral centerpiece making was given an hour to make their product. The bed making and towel folding participants were instructed to proceed to the hotel for the final briefing and to start the competition. After the briefing, these competitions happened simultaneously. There was also the food photography and the first batch of market basket participants. The officers started packing up and they gathered at the hotel to have a debriefing of what had happened and they tabulated the scores for day 1 competitions.

The hospitality showdown started with the registration of the participants. Fruit carving competition, quiz mania, waiter’s relay, cake decoration participants, flairtending, dessert flambé, and food photography were the different categories during the 2nd day. After the competition, everyone proceeded to the auditorium for the announcement of winners and distribution of certificates. Then the officers packed everything up and proceeded to the kitchen for debriefing and short meeting.


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