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November 5, 2021
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By: Enrico C. Rayos, MBA, CCSP

Hey Rizalians! The most anticipated 11.11 Online Sale across different E-commerce sites is just hours away. We know you have been adding a lot of items on your carts. If you haven’t, don’t worry, we have fished out eleven (11) budgetarian and full-proof budol finds for you.

Let’s get on to the list:

  1. Portable Bamboo Wood Laptop Bed Table

Let’s be real: while it is already comfortable having online classes at home, it is way more comfortable having online classes on your bed or on the couch. His adjustable laptop bed would be a great ally on such comfort with its retractable bed and stands. Just make sure that you’re in decent clothes while having Zoom classes. To add, wash up and show the class your “I woke up like this” look.

LINK: https://bit.ly/3c49Ax7

2. 360° Adjustable USB Microphone

Poor audio quality yields head scratches from your classmates and your faculty. At 60% off, make yourself be heard using this USB microphone, unless you really don’t want to recite, yikes! Yep, we know that stunt. That’s why we made sure that this mic won’t make you sound like a broken record.

LINK: https://bit.ly/3wv5IyK

3. Jaguar 2-Pack Rechargeable AA Batteries

Tired of constantly rubbing and rolling your dried-out batteries? Have you had enough of switching your batteries with the ones on your wall clocks? These rechargeable batteries would come in handy for those who have multiple wireless accessories. Need we say more? They’re batteries, you know where to use them. Haha!

LINK: https://bit.ly/3kqyI5V

4. Noise cancelling Gaming Headphones with Microphone

Oh! You didn’t like the microphone from #2? This one might appeal more to you. Look [and feel] cool like a streamer when you use these headphones. Oops, just make sure that you’re tuned in to the class discussion, not in Pokemon Unite. Yeah, we play that, too. [Queue in Pikachu] Surprised?

LINK: https://bit.ly/30cqp6k

5. Metal Desk Organizer with Nine (9) Compartments

You’re love life might be a mess #ouch but do not let your study area be a mess, too. Why not add this organizer to your cart to start decluttering your desk? After that, log in to your CANVAS and hit the Online Counseling widget, let’s talk about your love life there. We guarantee 100% confidentiality. #organize

LINK: https://bit.ly/3H8M2Wo

6. Multifunctional Cellphone Holder (PHP28)

Just like you, we are also wondering how this item could be multifunctional when its sole purpose is to hold your phone. What really got it to this list is the price. PHP28 for a cellphone holder? Why not? A total steal for you!

LINK: https://bit.ly/3ocEzgl

7. Cellphone Holder with Ring Light (PHP249)

Now this is multifunctional! A cellphone holder and a ring light merged into one? What more could you ask for? No more talking shadows during Zoom classes. Yay! You just have to add a little bit and the cellphone holder from #6 can already be upgraded. Otherwise, just get them both!

LINK: https://bit.ly/3bZNP1u

8. Cleaning Glue Slime (PHP59)

Dusty keyboard, monitor and study desk? Glad we could help! We found this goo that practically wipes the dust off anything. After cleaning your gadgets and study space, help your mom and dad clean the house. It’s therapeutic, we promise!

LINK: https://bit.ly/302WVYJ

9. Whiteboard (PHP899)

This one is a smooth leap from PHP59 to PHP899. I you want to splurge a little bit, invest on a whiteboard so that you could literally see your schedules and reminders in front of you. It’s also magnetic, so you can post stuff on it. Your water bill, electric bill, internet bill? Name it!

LINK: https://bit.ly/3HbD2Q8

10. Cable Organizer (PHP55.32)

Back to organizing! Your wire spaghetti is simply an eye-sore. We could see it from here. Get these cable organizers and stick them on your table edges and you could hang your cables click-clack. Disclaimer though, if you have furbabies at home, make sure they wouldn’t chew on your wires like a spaghetti.

LINK: https://bit.ly/3bVSp0P

11. Study Table (PHP431)

  We’ve been conducting full online classes for about two (2) years now. If you haven’t invested in a study table yet, this is your chance to get a PHP2, 889 worth of study table for only PHP431. This is such a good deal. You can now put items #1 to #10 on this table!

LINK: https://bit.ly/3H7bDPw

There’s a lot more we could recommend you, but we are only limited to eleven (11) items for now. We may do a 12.12 buyers’ guide for you if you like. So what are you waiting for? #AddToCart now! You’re welcome, RIzalians!

DISCLAIMER: JRU is not in partnership with any brands published on this article. We are also not affiliated to the E-commerce store(s) linked herein, therefore we won’t gain commissions on your purchases. We’re just being helpful, so you’re welcome!

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