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University Clinic


The University Clinic provides emergency services to students, faculty and employees. The clinic is open from Mondays to Saturdays beginning 7 Am to 9 Pm. We have 4 medical doctors, 1 dentist and 3 nurses who tend to the needs of the patients.

As the patients come in to the clinic, their vital signs are initially taken by the nurses and are then referred to the doctor on duty for evaluation and management. They are given an initial dose of emergency medication free of charge depending on the availability of the medicines and are referred back to their family physicians for definitive management. However, the basic advices needed for health improvements of the patient are already provided. If the need arises, patients are sent home to facilitate recuperation; cases such as high-grade fever, gastroenteritis with dehydration, infectious cases and surgical cases that require specialized care.

Clinic Guidelines

New Applicants –Teaching and Non-Teaching

  • The University physician will conduct a physical examination on the applicants. The standard laboratory examinations will consist of a complete blood count, a urinalysis, a fecalysis and a chest x-ray. Other laboratory examinations like ECG, FBS, etc may be requested as deemed necessary by the physician.
  • All laboratory examinations requested will be done at a designated and accredited laboratory facility affiliated with this institution and will be for the account of the applicant and not the university.

Teaching and Non- Teaching Personnel

  • A yearly physical examination will be conducted.
  • Laboratory examinations will consist of a complete blood count, a urinalysis, a fecalysis and a chest x-ray.
  • Additional laboratory examinations requested by the physicians which are critical to the current problem and therapy of the patient’s condition will be for the account of the university. These examinations will only be requested if the physician will actively manage the patient.

NCAA Athletes

  • Injuries acquired during practice and or a game will be covered by the NCAA insurance for players. In the event that the amount will exceed the insurance coverage, the university will cover the balance.
  • A list of the participants will be submitted to the clinic as well as the NCAA insurance policy for the current school year.
  • The athletics department will be informed of the injury.

Students (Intramurals/PE)

  • All candidates who will participate in any sports activity sanctioned by the school are required to a have his/her own insurance coverage.
  • The list of students with insurance coverage will be handed to the clinic staff fir their record.
  • The immediate management of injuries acquired during practice and during a game will be covered by the existing insurance of the athlete.
  • A copy of the policy and terms of the insurance company will be forwarded to the clinic by office of the Personnel.
  • The school representative will be responsible in informing the parents/guardian of the injury. The school representative is as follows:
    Elementary Dep’t –  Principal
    High School Dep’t – Assistant Principal
    College Dep’t – Dean of Student Affairs