José Rizal University is bent on cultivating environmental awareness on campus. To this end, it has instituted energy conservation, water conservation, and recycling programs. It is likewise in the process of implementing sustainability and transportation policies. All these programs are aimed at involving the entire community in conscious awareness for, and committed action, protecting the environment amid sustainable personal and collegial growth.


The University is committed to energy efficiency. It has changed fixtures in and around the campus to take advantage of cutting-edge light-emitting diode technology. The installation of LED ballasts and lamps has resulted in power cost reduction and better illumination.

Energy conservation is a continuing effort. Thus, the University conducts periodic maintenance of fixtures and introduces upgrades whenever necessary. Moreover, it implements a timed-airconditioning program aimed at further energy savings.

Installation of Capacitor Bank to improve the system’s power factor

Replacement of conventional ballasts to electronic ballasts at Bldgs. C, H, and the gymnasium

Installation of LED fluorescent bulbs at Bldgs. A, B, K, M, and the West Tower

Installation of new air conditioning units with higher Energy Efficiency Ratios

Improvement of classroom usage/classroom utilization thru the Academic Information Management System (AIMS)     

Automation of classroom air conditioning units using Programmable Logic Controllers  at Bldgs. A, B, C, H, and the East Tower – automatic on and off of ACUs based on actual classroom schedules

Revised work week and class schedules

Replacement of computer monitors from CRT to LCD


The University has replaced fixtures around the campus in keeping with low-flow initiatives for more efficient water use. Faucets and toilets have been upgraded, and constant maintenance is being done to minimize, if not altogether eradicate, systems losses.

Revised work week and class schedules

Leak testing and replacement of old water lines

Strict monitoring of water usage


The University is bent on establishing zero waste in campus. In this regard, it has implemented a Go Green Program ultimately aimed at changing mindsets in support of sustainability initiatives. Through continuing training and engagement, students and staff become active partners in reducing waste and promoting recycling and segregation.

Go Green on Campus

Waste Segregation Projects for all buildings – additional trashcans