Elementary School

The enhanced Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) prescribed by the Department of Education (DepEd) is being implemented by Jose Rizal University (JRU) modified to suit its own educational policies.

Aside from meeting the national requirements, the JRU Curriculum is further strengthened to enhance instruction reflective of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes suited to the ever-changing needs of pupils and society.


With quality elementary school education that exceeds the national standards and prepares every pupil for a successful high school life, the graduates of the JRU Elementary School Division are able to

(1) utilize strong foundation of communication and critical thinking skills,

(2) demonstrate comprehensive knowledge on mathematical skills and scientific concepts,

(3) practice desirable habits and attitudes, essential for democratic citizenship guided by Rizalian values, and

(4) demonstrate love of God and of the Filipino nation in everyday living.

Strong Student Development and Support Program

The Elementary School Division is committed in supporting its pupils’ holistic development through:

A strengthen academic curriculum such as Comprehensive Reading Program which ensures that every child reads at or above grade level and makes adequate progress toward becoming proficient readers, Blended Language Learning System which develops language macro skills through CLT or Communicative Language Teaching with the use of interactive online activities, and Technology-Enabled Instruction in different subject areas which enhances both the teaching and learning process.

A collaborative environment which opens doors to different clubs like, Young Rizalians Ukulele Ensemble, Mystic Movers, Young Journalists and Researchers, Tellers of Tales, etc. and allows pupils to enhance and exhibit leadership skills and non-academic abilities in various interests from athletics, music, arts and beyond.

And a FREE additional academic support and instruction to pupils with learning differences to move up to and meet grade level expectations.

Admission Requirements

The following must be presented for registration purposes:

  • Duly accomplished on-line application form
  • DepEd Form 138 (Department of Education Report Card), if applicable
  • Birth Certificate or affidavit of birth
  • JRU entrance exam for transferees
  • ID Photo, preferably 2×2 inches in size
  • Duly accomplished on-line application form
  • Special Study Permit issued by Bureau of Immigration
  • Original Student Record (red ribbon)
  • Photocopy of passport
  • ID Photo, preferably 2×2 inches in size
  • Once enrolled, Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACR  I-Card)