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Law School

The JRU Law School has an outstanding complement of professors that make up the law faculty. It is dominated by members of the judiciary, but also include professionals from various undertakings: Bar reviewers, trial lawyers, corporate practitioners, businessmen, book authors and professional academicians.

Its facilities compare with the best that are available. It has a well-stocked library with thousands of tittles and periodicals, modern air-conditioned classrooms, updated audio visual equipment, and convenient class schedules. Students are encouraged to engaged in academic and non-academic exercises, including self-governance thru a democratically established student council elections and administration.

It observes law rituals that enhance the value of a law education. Graduates taking the Bar examination are provided with assistance to help them pass the final test before admission to the practice of law. Today, the JRU Law School counts among its graduates some of the more successful lawyers in the country including scores of generals and ranking officers in the police and military service, congressman and other politicians, members of the judiciary and prosecutorial services, officers of government agencies, teachers, businessmen, and general practitioners.

JURIS DOCTOR (J.D) Graduates of the Juris Doctor (JD) program are able to:

  1. Pass the bar examinations and engage in the practice of law;
  2. Demonstrate increased awareness of the needs of the poor, deprived and oppressed sectors of society;
  3. Contribute toward the promotion and advancement of justice and the improvement of its administration, the legal system and legal institutions in the light of historical and contemporary development of law in the Philippines and in other countries;
  4. Analyze, articulate and apply the law effectively; and
  5. Conscientiously pursue the lofty goals of the legal profession and fully adhere to its ethical norms taking into account Rizalian values.