The Office of the President

The Office of the President (OP) is located at the 6th floor of the Tower Building of José Rizal University.

It is mainly responsible for overseeing all the activities of the University. Most importantly, it safeguards the quality of education by engaging all of JRU’s stakeholders and supporting initiatives aimed to sustain optimum performance in board examinations, attain the highest levels of accreditation, and push the boundaries of innovation in the use of technology as a tool for instruction.


JRU’s President

Dr. Vicente Katigbak Fabella is the 6th President of José Rizal University.

Fabella has had a career dedicated to education, a field he describes as reflecting every person’s desire to “further human welfare.” Prior to his presidency in January 2003, he was Executive Vice President of JRU, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Graduate School. He is often described as the youngest university president in the Philippines.

As president of JRU, he is responsible in leading the University toward its mission of “developing its students to become useful and responsible citizens through the effective transfer of relevant knowledge and desirable values.” His goal is to transform JRU into a regionally-recognized university by concentrating on the “student learning experience,” the core of his November 2003 investiture address. In doing this, Fabella relies on a focused strategic process and the intellectual and physical assets of JRU.

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Under Fabella’s leadership, JRU has grown academically and financially. Through his work of introducing new degrees and improvements in the current services that play off the University’s strengths in affordable quality and business education, the University has enjoyed a string of academic successes, with University Status in 2000, Autonomous Status in 2010 and Level IV accreditation in 2012.

His career in education can be described as a sustained humanitarian effort. He has focused on improving Philippine private education, with his work at JRU and with national educational associations as Board Member of PBEd (Philippine Business for Education), COCOPEA (Coordinating Council of Private Education Association), PERAA (Private Education Retirement Annuity Association), and PACU (Philippine Association of Colleges and University).

Fabella is viewed by his colleagues and friends see him as a well-rounded academician, an intellectual whose two feet are solidly anchored on the ground. He is circumspect and uses few words to make big points. He makes it a point to reach out in his friendly way, to all stakeholders and publics of the University. He meets the attributes of the modern-day University CEO, responsive and proactive to the needs, wants and expectations of the global community. For him CEO means, Customers, Employees, and Owners. He has a disarming manner that could be described as politely and tenaciously focused, especially in his advocacy of affordable quality education and academic excellence.

Fabella has hurdled academic milestones one after another, namely, (1) Kindergarten at José Rizal College, (2) elementary and secondary education at La Salle Greenhills, (3) a post-secondary year at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts, followed by (4) an A. B. in Economics and Development Studies from Brown University Rhode Island in 1987; (5) a Master in Public Administration, with concentration in advanced public policy analysis, from Columbia Schools of International and Public Affairs in New York in 1991; (6) a Master in Business Administration with concentration in business policy, finance, and economics, from Columbia Business School in New York in 1992; and finally (7) a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration, specializing in business strategy, and in particular, industrial economics and game theory, from the University of the Philippines in Diliman in 1999. He is married to Maria Margarita Naval, a pediatrician. The couple is blessed with four children, Denise, Isabelle, Emmanuel and Therese Roxanne.

Dear Parents and Students of José Rizal University:

As we prepare to celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2019, it feels right to reflect and appreciate our history and recognize the people behind our growth and our success.

For years now, we have been striving to better understand our customers, and improving our services that anticipate each and every one of your needs.

A University is only as good as its people, its faculty.

As our university continues to grow in the areas of education, research and technology, I am pleased as to how our faculty and staff have become more dedicated in coping and in complying with the challenges of learning.

Our University has continuously developed a well-deserved reputation for providing quality learning. The College obtained its Level IV Re-Accreditation in 2017 from the PACU Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA).  This is a rare recognition among Philippine colleges and universities.  The Graduate School enjoys Level III accreditation, while the Law School continues to surpass the national average.  The High School and the Elementary School enjoy Level III PACUCOA accreditation, another rare distinction.

We continue to develop relevant programs. By relevant, we mean, we work for programs that not only will help the country, but equally important will also help the students who major in these degrees, in terms of good career tracks.  This coming SY 2018-19, we are going to offer Master in Hospital Management, Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and, Bachelor of Science in Entertainment, Multimedia and Computing with specialization in Digital Animation and Technology.  We have also opened up a specialization in Business Analytics under our BSIT program.

100 Years of Caring about Good Education.

We have been working hard at making sure your learning here gets better and better.  I would like to discuss a few of our plans that we know will have great impact on you.

JRU Centennial Building

As many of you may have noticed, we have started the construction of our Centennial Building.  This is a 9-storey building that will house a 400-seater auditorium; a bigger and better student lounge, technology hubs, learning areas and specialized classrooms. We hope to have the centennial building ready in February 2019.

Building H Student Lounge

As part of our commitment of caring about good education, we are providing additional learning areas for our students to hang out and study.  This will be located at the 3rd floor of Building H, with an approximately 200 seating capacity.

Lipa City, Batangas

Our family is growing and as such, we are opening another campus in Lipa City in June 2020 with construction to commence in January 2019.  The new campus will offer similar courses to those in Shaw Campus with the possible addition of Engineering.  Likewise, we will be investing in technology in our Lipa campus to seamlessly link it with JRU Shaw.

JRU Online

Finally, we continue to embark on projects to bring technology closer to the students, inside and outside the classroom.  We have been working hard to integrate technology into the learning experience of the teacher and the student.  Technology has many advantages that students can benefit from, such as immediate access to information and faster feedback, and to actually make it more fun.  It is this potential we hope to capture and give to students.

100 Years

#OneYearToGo and it’s our Centennial Year! I would like to thank you for making this happen.  We recently had the groundbreaking ceremony of the Centennial Building on April 8.  Do watch out for the JRU Light-up in December and the big concert in February.  I encourage you to continue to participate in our #Rizalfie and become part of the grand mosaic that will also be unveiled in February.  There are a lot more in store for you and I look forward to sharing even more milestones with you in the months ahead.

Thank you and welcome back!

Himno Rizal

Lyrics by: Daniel A. Cabaña, HS ’79, BCS ‘85

Music by: Restituto A. Umali, BCS ’40


Sa aming isipan, ikaw ang tanging luminang

Mahal naming José Rizal, tanglaw namin at dangal;

Saan man magtungo, ngalan mo’y laging taglay

‘Pinagbubunyi ka namin sa t’wi-t’wina aming José Rizal;

Bandilang bughaw at ginto, ay ating iwagayway

Sagisag ng dunong at yaman, na dulot sa ating kalul’wa;

Habang may buhay lagi naming dadakilain ang ‘yong ala-ala,

Habang may buhay lagi naming dadakilain ang ‘yong ala-ala.

Isang Daang Taon na Tayo

Words and Music by: John Kenneth Dael
Interpreted by: John Kenneth Dael

Verse I
Isang daang taong namamayagpag
Ang samahan lalong tumatatag
Ginto’t bughaw na bandila
Iwawagayway sa buong bansa

Verse II
Isang daang taong umaangat
Naglilingkod ng buong tapat
Dunong at yaman ang puhunan
Rizaliano magpakailanman

Isang daang taon na tayo rizaliano
Taas noong isisigaw sa mundo
Isang daang taon na tayo rizaliano
Sabay sabay susulong tayo
Oh oooh ooooh(2x)

Verse III
Aawit ng buong lakas
Sasalubungin ang bagong bukas
Kapit kamay sa pag abot ng tagumpay
Pusong Rizaliano ang aming taglay
(Repeat Chorus)

Chorus II
100 daang taon na tayo rizaliano
Taas noong isisigaw sa mundo
100 daang taon na tayo rizaliano
Sabay sabay susulong tayo
Oh oooh ooooh(2x)
Tayo’y Rizaliano!