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Building Business Mindsets

Tantoco Graduate School of Business

A scholar and graduate of Jose Rizal College in 1941, Rustan’s patriarch, Ambassador Bienvenido Tantoco Sr. pays it forward.  On 31 March 2016, the patriarch led the launch of the Dr. Bienvenido Tantoco Sr. Graduate School of Business. 

“The greatest strength of a company is its people,” Dr. Tantoco shares with his grandson, Donnie Tantoco.  “Never stop learning.  The whole world is a classroom and every person you meet is a potential teacher,” Donnie added.

Dr. Tantoco aims to have this school to be one of the best.  “Wharton is for finance, Kellogg is for marketing and Harvard is for general management, and here in the Philippines, my Lolo Benny wants this school to have the best program for entrepreneurship and organization development – leading, managing, bringing out the best in people.”

José Rizal University


JRU will be a market leader in the use of technology for innovations in teaching and learning to produce graduates of social importance.

  • Providing balance instruction in general education and technical knowledge,
  • Stressing the principles of representative government in a free society,
  • Inculcating respect for the truth,
  • Teaching the art of the utilization of knowledge, and

Encouraging active participation in the process of national development.

Core Values


A Rizalian is a team player who is focused, attentive, gives his/her best and is committed to the goals of the University.


A Rizalian is fair, caring, and fully aware of others’ rights, feelings, and ideals.


A Rizalian acts truthfully, morally and ethically.

The Olive Branch Institute

The Olive Branch Institute is the center for applied learning and value creation for individual and organizational transformation.  It is committed to Building Business Mindsets through its learning services to contribute to our clients and industry partners. 

  • Customized development of learning interventions for corporate universities and other academic institutions to include online learning;
  • Management diagnostics for organizational appreciation of efficiency and effectiveness, and
  • Advisory services for companies who want to enter a new cycle, allowing the entrepreneur and their organization to realign according to their desired life efficiency index.

Ithaspartners and clients in the following fields:  banking & financial services, retail, restaurant, education, information technology, government, cooperative sector, distribution, health & wellness, pawnshop, manufacturing, logistics, petroleum, maritime, agribusiness, road safety, real estate, and digital marketing.

The Olive Branch Group is also part of the Technical Education Skills and Development Authority’s (TESDA) Technical Working Group that is crafting the Philippines’ national agenda for entrepreneurship education. In June 2018, it will also share its entrepreneurship education experience in Jose Rizal University’s Senior High School Program.

The Olive Branch Group also engages in various business services to include the following:  Strategic Planning Workshops, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Development, Valuation, Preparation of Investors’ Prospectus, and other related business services.