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President’s Message

Dear parents and students of José Rizal University:

We have had another exciting year at José Rizal University. All students have grown in many ways during the past year.  Many have succeeded academically and have been recognized for their efforts.  This school year is a momentous year for JRU.

At JRU, we like to say that we care about good education. JRU has already developed a well-deserved reputation for providing quality learning. We continue to maintain our ISO 9001-2008 rating.  The College obtained its Level IV Re-Accreditation last year from the PACU Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA).  This is a rare recognition among Philippine colleges and universities.  The Graduate School enjoys Level III accreditation, while the Law School continues to surpass the national average.  The High School and the Elementary School enjoy Level III PACUCOA accreditation, another rare distinction.

We continue to develop relevant programs.   A Senior High school student who finishes Academic Track will have the competencies to prepare him for college programs such as engineering, business and accountancy, liberal arts and education, and allied programs in health and medicine. A student who finishes the TechVoc Track can exhibit skills and attitudes necessary in the fields of animation, food and beverages, tour guiding, and computer system servicing.  A student who finishes the Arts and Design Track can demonstrate and practice the creation of effective visual communication.  A student who finishes the Sports Track can analyze game situations and apply the principles of sports management skills and behavior.  JRU has also partnered with other universities to offer the Master of Arts in Education, Specialization in Educational Administration, Specialization in Guidance and Counselling, Specialization in Mathematics, and a Specialization in Special Education.  We also have the Master in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship, in Organizational Development, in Retail Management and, in Supply Management.  We are also offering Masters program in Information Technology, in Community Studies and Extension Administration, and in Business Education.  Some of these are offered via consortium with other universities

We have been working hard at making sure your learning here gets better and better.  I would like to discuss a few of our plans that we know will have great impact on you: good faculty, good facilities and access to learning technologies.



Central to a university’s being is its faculty.  We have, among the best teachers, instructors and professors for you. Our faculty body can be considered as among the best in the Philippines, based on several standards such as graduate degree composition and industry experts.  We are confident that the continued achievements of our faculty can only improve their competencies as teachers and as your partners in learning.  At the end of the day, students will be the beneficiaries.



In 2015, the late and former Manila Mayor Gemiliano “Mel” Campos Lopez Jr., (Bachelor of Commercial Science, 1957) funded a multi-purpose conference room at the second floor Building A, or the GCL room. Last November 2016, the Board of Trustees approved the construction of an auditorium which will be strategically located in the middle of the University.

With the growing number of our Senior High School students, we have added more learning spaces of the Tower Building, including rehabilitation of the garden in front of the Senior High School.

Still dedicated to the implementation of the JRU master plan, we try to develop more areas to allow the Elementary, the High School, the College, the Graduate School and the Law School to have their own learning spaces.  The movement of the Elementary School to its own location allows for the main campus to be primarily for the College, Graduate School and Law School.

Finally, we continue to embark on projects to bring technology closer to the student, inside and outside the classroom.  We have been working to integrate technology into the learning experience of the teacher and the student.  Technology has many advantages that students can benefit from, such as immediate access to information and faster feedback, and to actually make it more fun.  It is this potential we hope to capture and give to students.



Education is often likened to a journey of discovery.  And like any process of discovery, it is the explorer’s willingness to learn about the things around her through active participation that makes the difference between a normal trip and one remembered for a lifetime.  Your time at JRU is like a journey. We hope you treat it as such.



#2yearsnalang and we will be celebrating our Centennial Year!  We have a lot in store for you.  So enjoy and participate fully in your JRU journey.  I look forward to spending a great school year with you all.